Is MB Trading down this weekend?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by lsayre, Apr 24, 2005.

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    I just started a new account with MB Trading, and made my first few trades on Friday 4/22. Everything went just fine. Now, all this weekend I haven't been able to access my MBT account. Is anyone else experiencing this (I.E., is it global), or do I perhaps have a local software problem, or does MB Trading just close everything down for the weekends?
  2. MB Trading just closes everything down for the weekends.

    Its a little disconcerting. I found out the hard way : One time I had a future position on a friday and had placed a limit order to close it but couldnt actively monitor it.

    Later on, after the market was closed (past MBT's hours) I tried to check on the position - the MBT software showed no positions for me so I figured the limit order hit and closed my position.

    On monday morning I checked again and the position was magically back. Really threw me - I called them on the phone and they confirmed that that is normal during off hours and that I still had my position.
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    Wow, hard to believe!

    I wonder if this is typical of the "direct access" brokers in general, or unique to MB Trading?

    When do they come back on line? Do they stay online for account access after hours during the week, or are they shut down each evening as well?


    If you want to check trade confirmations, look at monthly statements, cash activity, etc. just go to their web site and log in with your User ID.
  5. ib closes down after 6 pm or so on friday. many times you can't check your positions till sunday night. sometimes ib as your previous days acoount statment on sat and sometimes they don't. i ahve an account with mb and i'm very lukewarm so far. there quotes seem to fade ina dn out alot and there fills don't seem to be 1/2 as fast as ib
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    we shut down over the weekend primarily to utilize the time to do maintenance. This is all part of our normal protocol. All of our reports are always online and you can reference any of your trades. Please let me know if you need any more information.


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    When I logged onto the MB Trading website, I got the more of the same. No positions, no cash in my account, no trade history, nothing..... I'm really getting concerned now!!!!
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    I would like more information to research why you say we have quotes fading in and out. I am not aware of this and I do spend quite a bit of time watching for anomalies to ensure MBT has an extremely high level of quality quotes and executions. We have a self healing quote environment which means if a price server gets qued we will roll you over to another price server. The customer should not have to do anything but let our systems balance the load.

    As far as executions being "half as fast". I would also like to research the specific orders you are referencing. The times that we send a msg to the various destinations either with the MBTX routing technology or by a customer selecting a direct route are all in the sub 10 milliseconds for direct routing and on the outside range of 20 milliseconds with MBTX because MBTX has to work the order within its algorithms across multiple destinations. I would like to know what exact examples you are referring and I would be happy to research and analyze this information to get the most accurate answer for you. Please feel free to send me a private msg. Are you comparing the same symbols and quantity? Are you also comparing at the same time of the day? Apples to apples....etc. We take pride in having among the fastest fills for our customers so if there is any merit to my firms executions only be "half as fast" as another firms then I must find out why. I would never let this go unattended.


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    Are you not seeing account summary or confirms?

    If you private msg me your information I would be happy to research this for you. I see all reports working fine.
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    Exactly! No confirms, no trade history, no acount $$$$. Nothing!!!! I'm logging on properly, as it is taking me to the private and secure personal account screen, and my name is there. Here are a few quotes from the private account screen on the website (with 4/22 selected wherever appropriate):

    You have no open positions

    No trade activity

    No cash activity
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