Is May Tradeable?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by mockingbird, Mar 20, 2002.

  1. Do all of the traders here take the summer months off?
    By summer, does this mean June, July, August?
    When the summer doldrums begin, is it a pretty sharp cutoff, or are May and September pretty bad months to trade also?
  2. Every day the market is open there are opportunities. Are people going to hand over their money to you willingly - no, but for all this talk of "poor market conditions", every day there are stocks going up and down, and as long as that's the case, there is an opportunity to play em!
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    for asking such a question, i need to ask: Are you French?
  4. No, I wasnt looking for a 3 month vacation, I have just been told that volume and liquidity and volatility are so low in the summer months that it's very difficult to trade. Since I am a new trader, I was trying to get some useful information about what months of the year I ought to avoid.
    How are April and May?
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    btw: i love france & the french - being german myself
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    i couldn't resist :)
    the market can be volatile any month. Take 97 - the Asia crises started in July. Volatility was at all time lows and overnight bascially doubled. Opportunity can knock at any time.
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    def LOL that was a good one.
  8. mockingbird,

    Summer month is slower and less volatile. You still can make money everyday, 250 days a year.

    Maybe some of the technology companies will recover mid year (guessing only), if so, it will make the summer months more fun to trade.
  9. Actually one of my systems I teach my traders tends to REALLY perform well in the summer months

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    Although I fully understand and appreciate the concept of "Opportunity Made Fresh Daily", I usually struggle in the middle of the summer, particularly in August when the volatility and volume are way down. Been promising myself to take one of these Augusts off, as I usually have to bite and scratch for anything and everything, might just do it this year. :cool:
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