Is Max Keiser Correct or Incorrect in His 'Global Casino Model' Hedge Fund Theory?

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  1. Ok, I stand corrected, he launched an activist hedge fund. You equate that to predatory hedge funds which are pure parasites, so I see that I am not wrong on the "feeble mind" analysis.

    You're pretty clueless in how the world works. I'm not a big fan of Max Keisner but he is generally on point here, while you think it's a laughing matter. Don't forget to keep that sense of humor in the soup line.
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  2. Why is that, Anaconda, if I may ask.
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  3. I don't mean to say I dislike him, but I find him to be somewhat inconsistent and often a little radical in his opinions stated as fact. Overall, he definitely knows what's up. I do think he could have presented his case here much better.
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    If you really want to open your eyes to the hedge fund industry, this is the place to begin.
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  5. Enlighten me, o Great Anaconda, the Omniscient God of Finance, in what precise way are activist hedge funds "good", as opposed to the "bad" parasite ones?

    On another note, can I just point something out to you here? In the several responses you have made to my posts, you have, so far, called me a 'clown', 'retard', 'clueless' and 'feeble-minded'. Apart from making you sound a bit unhinged and overly emotional, you do realize that calling your opponent names doesn't actually strengthen your case? In fact, if anything, it serves to underscore your inability to let your arguments stand on their own. Furthermore, if I am, in fact, a feeble-minded retard, as you suggest, and you somehow feel the need to keep responding to me, guess what that makes you?

    So let me suggest you be a bit more respectful here and, who knows, it might help you do better in everyday, real life.
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  6. I see.

    Keiser's main theme basically is that he is of the opinion central bankers are counterfeiting criminal oligarchs deep in bed with the Wall street scum who have no interest what so ever in the little guy.

    But don't expect anyone to revolt cause people in the western world are braindead zombies who wouldnt know fascism if it stared them right in the face from their flat screen TV on the news.

    Not that far of from your views expressed on this board correct if I am wrong that's why I asked about the potential disliking.

    But anyways, I agree at times he is a bit incoherent and radical but I guess calling for Hank Paulson to be hung makes up for most of the other newsmedia giving the masters of the universe a free pass.
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    This dude has anger problems...I have experienced his anger personally.

    How old is this man? I am about to add him to my ignore list. He sounds bitter and unoccupied today.

    If he were as good as he says he is, he wouldnt waste his time with his angry comments on here.

    Im a 26 yr old noob who wants guidance off of a forum, free info is free info. I will let time decide if its good info.

    This guy trolls around this forum and gets off on retarded comments and negativity.

    Now that my answers about how to start a hedge fund have been addressed, I may delete my ET account. You have to wade through shit like this guy just to get simple info you werent born knowing!
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    by the way, im referring to ANACONDA.
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