Is Max Keiser Correct or Incorrect in His 'Global Casino Model' Hedge Fund Theory?

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  1. Forget Chrysler, specifically, in this video. Assume he's making the same point about the interconnect between corporations and their debts and the ability of hedge funds to not only place bets and potentially profit handsomely on the survival of such companies, but to influence the outcome of such events.

    Is he right, wrong...?

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  2. This is a very funny video... Loved it for its entertainment value, but I'm afraid it's a complete load of nonsensical bullsh1t otherwise.
  3. The funny part is that you think that you know WTF you're talking about. That's why in a few years you will be standing around broke & clueless, scratching your head and saying "what happened?"
  4. Pray tell.
  5. Anaconda: That's an even funnier comment, amico... Keep 'em coming, I am starting to rely upon you to provide me with quality entertainment.

    To BLSH: I think it's funny because it's a video of a reportedly very wealthy financier, who reportedly runs a hedge fund, ranting about the pure evil of hedge funds and anointing himself as a defender of the downtrodden American worker. How you can fail to see the irony in this is beyond me.

    As to the so-called "substance" of what he's saying, it's just plain silly.
  6. The comedy is that you're the clown who actually thinks that gold as money is just a theory while fiat paper is the proven norm. Really, you definitely outdid yourself in that thread.

    Why do you continue embarrassing yourself? Max Keiser does not run a hedge fund nor has ever. Did you confuse financial analyst with hedge fund manager, because in your feeble mind they are synonymous?

  7. Actually I agree with the man. If you think this is a funny and ridiculous video, well that's how the "market" plays.

    Note: When people call the stock market and derivatives "casinos" ............although I agree...........I feel sorry for the reality if everyone played like casinos do, we would not have the problems we have now.

    For example: Casinos do hold capital to back their operations.
    They do not engage in speculative practices.
    Their business, whether you like it or not, is real.
  8. I did not look at the video but what you refer to is a fund manager with a style called activist, such as Carl Icahn.
  9. Dude, pls try not to digress... If you want to continue arguing with me about other subjects, do contain yourself to the threads where they were being discussed. No need to spread your sour grapes all around the place.

    As to Karmabanque and Max Keiser, he tried to launch an activist hedge fund in 2005 (it was in the UK and European media), but I guess it didn't go anywhere and he now runs an activist advisory service for hedge funds or something. Or, could be, some money is still being run, I don't know.

    As I said, you honestly do brighten up my day, Anaconda. Please keep 'em coming.
  10. Not taking sides here and apologies if the following information is incorrect in anyway, but I did come across the following......

    Karmabanque, a hedge fund founded by Keiser which sought to profit from any decline in equity-value of companies who are susceptible to boycott from environmental groups.[21] The hedge fund's progress was followed monthly in the Ecologist Magazine, edited by Zac Goldsmith.[22] Its targets included Coca-Cola[23] and McDonalds. The Karmabanque hedge fund project was designed to simultaneously short-sell companies while funnelling profits from this activity into environmental and ethical-business pressure groups which further act to drive the price down. Describing the project, Keiser states "The Internet allows people, activists, from all over the world to gather, or swarm, and hit a company where it hurts most -- in their stock price."[24]
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