Is MarketWatch getting more useless by the day?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by turkeyneck, May 29, 2009.

  1. What's with all those cutesy headlines, stupid mugshots of journalist "gurus" and Main St garbage that has nothing to do with the markets these days?
  2. timcar


    Good observations and what is up with that LINE at the bottom of the page: I click on it to get it to disappear and it never goes away.

    Many financial website's have come and gone and most have changed their look (like BARRONS and MORNINGSTAR have joined that club) I guess they think it’s new and improved. was the best financial site when it first show up: Terrrrrrrribble looking now: and that James Archer guy is now gone he was one of the best person's on I guess Doug Kass is O.K. but man this site was A#1 was quite a long time.

    Just now I am starting to use the Internet: now soooooo many of these Wall Street web sites are closing down: Guess that is due to this bear market.
  3. timcar


    The “NEW” Barron’s website is it only for subscribers. Almost all the articles are locked and there is hardly any advertising on the site at all.

    Who needs advertising I guess when only subscribers are going to the site.