Is Marketsurfer a Moron?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Thunderdog, Jun 16, 2006.

Is Marketsurfer a Moron?

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  1. After reading many of marketsurfer's posts, notably in the various trend trading, Victor Neiderhoffer and Larry Williams threads, I just had to ask what other people think. Of course, everyone is entitled to his opinion. Here, I am more concerned with the relentlessly vacuous manner in which some people defend those opinions, notably marketsurfer. I am not concerned with his motivation. I don't care whether he actually believes everything he writes or if his is a misguided attempt to draw attention to himself at any cost. (Similarly, I am not concerned with Ann Coulter's motivation.)

    I initiated this thread in the Resources section because some people seem to hold marketsurfer and his teachings in high regard.

    So, there you have it. The question is straightforward. Despite my strong opinion, I will refrain from voting in my own poll. No doubt, however, marketsurfer's numerous and varied aliases will come to his aid, so I would be inclined to discount the first 10 or so votes in his support.

    The matter is now in your hands.
  2. Can I nominate you as a write-in candidate?
  3. I suppose you would have to initiate your own poll, wouldn't you? My guess is that most people here don't really care about me one way or the other. I suspect that opinions, one way or the other, are much stronger regarding marketsurfer. So be sure to vote.
  4. "A good trader must have a personality that is always honest with himself?"
  5. Pekelo


    Well, well, well, what an interesting thread. In the Resources section, although this will be moved soon to the Chit-chat.

    Before I express my view (slow day), let's just mention, that my middle name is Objectivity, and I have the courage to say so when I am wrong, see The Augur thread.

    So Thundy, let's suppose I am taken off from your Ignore list, why this post? Sure, you have your differences with Surf, but that doesn't call for namecalling. I personally never namecall, once I state a person is a moron, you can bet that he is.

    Anyway, you conveniently mentioned the Williams thread, where you made some nice innuendos concerning Larry and his daughter, never backing up your claims. So you might want to keep that in mind before attacking others.

    As far as I know Surf is one of the few people here, who trades real and big money and posts his positions in realtime, not to mention he is profitable on the long run. That takes courage my friend, there is no way to look at it differently.

    I don't necesserily agree with his deffending of VN, but that is what friends are for. Since he is a friend of VN, being loyal is a nice characteristic. Although I don't want to be deffended when I am wrong, but again, I can admit such occasions.

    So here is my advice: Why don't you put Surf on your Ignore list, then you can live happily ever after?

    Oh yeah, and in the maintime, I would like to see your proof of Michelle Williams cheating in the trading competition.
  6. Hey surf you made it to chat....I got put in classifieds!!!!!
  7. Pekelo,

    For your information, surfer has made a number of incendiary remarks about me. But I don't really care, and that is really not what this is about. And please note that I did not specifically call surfer a moron. Rather, I wanted to have an idea of what the ET membership thinks of him in the aggregate. If you think well of him, then I suggest that you vote. As of this moment, he seems to be in need of support. (Perhaps his aliases have not yet come across the thread?)

    And as for Michelle Williams, I don't recall ever openly saying that she "cheated." You may wish to read the salient posts again, for the first time:

    In any event, let's try to keep it on topic, shall we?
  8. The bigger morons are his supporters.
  9. Pekelo


    Quote from Thunderdog:

    But I don't really care, and that is really not what this is about.

    I agree, it is about character. That's why the stuff below matters.

    And as for Michelle Williams, I don't recall ever openly saying that she "cheated."

    I know, because you knew you couldn't prove it. But since this thread is about character, I don't think you showed your character so far to the ET community in the best light. I will be quick and down to the matter and this is not entirely offtopic:

    You stated that Larry cheated in the competition, but you could never prove it. Now, since Larry taught his daugther to trade and she also won (also 3rd best place in 25 years history) you INSINUATED that she cheated too.

    This is a simple logical step: If Larry cheated, Michelle had to cheat too. It simple doesn't make sense that Larry had to cheat, but Michelle was able to reach an outstanding achievement on her own. DO YOU AGREE?? Of course you have to, if you want to be reasonable.

    So we come down to the Word (in Stephen Colbert-style):INSINUATION

    I will let you look it up and tell me about a person who uses insinuation to badmouth others. What does it tell you about that person's character??

    And we came to a full circle, you insinuating not very nice things about people, and calling them cheaters without evidence, and Surf who does, whatever he does.

    Well, just like you, I will let people to decide....
    #10     Jun 16, 2006
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