Is Market timing essential and possible for succesful trading?

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  1. Would any real trader here give a good debate ?I usually follow studies and articles of researchers rather than useless people who write "It is very easy to time the marketso_O , I know WHERE PRICE IS GOING o_O, I can time two intraday trades a day (when market hardly trends during the day)o_O"

    Is it probably possible for traders to consistently time markets ?.

    The day trader is trying to time the markets.How easy is it to time the markets trading noise and intraday chop?Many of you are succesful profitable or FAKE day traders .:D:D:D:D:D


    Most of you also suffer from phsychological handicaps in like emotions , need to be right , stress responsers and delusions /handicaps in processing information ?These are available in the phsychology sections.

    My personal experience was , it was difficult , so I found alternative method of making money from trading .I don't attempt to time the markets.
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    Trends don't fail, trend traders fail. They fail to find the trend in a timely manner ("trendlines"? Seriously?) and hence they fail to secure a decent profit before the trend ends.
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    What right time then will become next question, indeed if look on history when one candle move strongly then might leading us will appear from own selves question why not open when price will start moving, and if start from there hence will get maximum profit, but in fact already too late and before we might missing know trend will begun
  4. So u say buy at support , sell at resistance?and if it breaks support you knew where price was going?
  5. Timing is everything. They don't say "buy when there's blood in the streets" for nothing. This happens all the time, and the easiest way to spot it is by looking at implied volatilty. I thikn that if you just bought stocks when vol is high for price (not binary event) reasons, you'd end up with great returns. This is a microcosm of the longer-term investor's blood-in-the-streets philosphy.
  6. Conclusion
    As a market timer, you must move from a fearful mindset to a mental state of confidence. You have to believe in your ability to execute every trade, regardless of the current market sentiment (which is often at odds with the trade).

    Knowing that the timing strategy you are following will be profitable over time builds the confidence needed to take all of the trades. It also makes it easier to continue to execute new trades after a string of small losing ones.

    Psychologically, this is the critical point where many individuals will pull the plug, because they are too reactive to emotions as opposed to the longer-term mechanics of their timing strategy.

    And typically, when traders pull the plug and exit their strategy, it is exactly at that time that the next profitable trend begins.

    Fear of Not Being Right
    Too many market timers care too much about being proven right in their analysis on each trade, as opposed to looking at timing as a probability game in which they will be both right and wrong on individual trades.

    In other words, by following the timing strategy, we create positive results over time.

    Fear of Missing Out
    Every trend always has its doubters. As the trend progresses, skeptics will slowly become converts due to the fear of missing out on profits or the pain of losses in betting against that trend.

    The fear of missing out can also be characterized as greed of sorts, for an investor is not acting based on some desire to own the stock or mutual fund other than the fact that it is going up without him onboard.
  7. Market timing works = authorMost profitable trade

    trading is about pressing buy sell buttons ,

    so so; wrote 6 books and sold them , sold indicators ,sold automated programs , education , back testing software , anylysis , systems , methods , formulaes , trend courses , then price action courses , but the best trade was selling a course in trading the market chop+ phsychology + emotions and loss recovery formula , after all the others failed.It was the most profitable.
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    In my view trend ahead still always mystery, indeed sometime trading based on support resistance also not always good because these area might occur breakout, I think if system not work on certain circumstances as trader need to using stop loss.
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    It's all about the timing. But so much noise about not being able to time the markets. That's all BS made up by brokers and mutual fund sales people. Because they want you to buy now. To make their commissions. Don't take the bait!
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    Trading is the hardest easiest job in the world.:)
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