Is Maria Bartiromo a Dumbass?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by thetraderprofit, Sep 11, 2003.

  1. Is her news always late or wrong?
  2. she is none of those, she is a commentator reading what the writers give her.
  3. I'm sure she's very intelligent, but she definitely just read what people give her. She's just better to look at than most people in the business.

    But not as hot as my Frankfurt honey!!
  4. YIKES!!!!!! :D
  5. Yeah, that Sylvia Whadha is HOT!!!! :D
  6. I don't know about her being a dumbass but she is a bigass. I've heard rumors that her cameramen get fired if they pan down below her waist when she is on the NYSE floor.
  7. Ditch


    You mean that broad that looks like a creature by Dr. Frankenstein?
  8. Know some people in Frankfurt, I worked there for some time.
    But who the f.... is Sylvia Whadha????:p
  9. Bet it be fun having a few drinks with sylvia and art cashin!
  10. taodr


    She has the looks, but if she is on I either turn the volume down or change the channel. I get the impression she WANTS people to believe she knows what she is yakking about. Sexy mouth.
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