Is making a $100,000 a month prop/retail trading

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    This thread is for everyone.

    The question:

    Is it possible to make $100,000 a month prop./retail trading, on a daily basis, without holding overnight positions?

  2. Yes, it's been/and is done. But, I doubt anyone like that is on this board.
  3. Is it:
    Possible... Yes, of course

    Likely... No, of course
  4. You'd be one of the top "day" traders out there if you did this. No overnights of course.

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    Darn. I thought it said $100 a month... :(

    If I ever make that much, Steve is going to sell me his dumpster for 14 aluminum cans and a busted Albertsons cart! :D
  6. Yes it is possible. The question to ask however is "how".

    I know of several who operate at that level.

    Here is what is needed in order to get there.

    First you need to have a significant edge

    Second you would have a set of system rules that keep you out of the market when no signal is present

    Third, you would need to operate with precision (execution skills)

    Fourth you would need to trade with discipline taking only your signals.

    Fifth, you would need to have the skill to recognize when conditions call for trading up (size), and the courage to hold through some pain.

    Now, I know this is correct (accurate) and that it describes what you need to get to that level. Can you get there? Can you assemble the tools, and control your emotions in such a way as to make that your reality?

    Good luck,
  7. If you had $10,000,000 in buying power it would be quite possible.... $1,000,000 in BP, highly unlikely. Of course with $10MM in BP you would also have some bad losses....
  8. Day trading, and trading/investing in general, is not a consistent income generator. You will never find someone that makes $3500/day, day in day out. They will make $10000 one day lose $3000 the next, have up months and down months. It would be dangerous to quanify how much you make on average per day and expect it to be consistent, it is not.

  9. Oh and once you reached that size you probably would be holding something overnight, no matter how small, just for shits and giggles.
  10. Okay look

    At some point, the issue of consistency is important.

    What I have seen, are very good, highly skilled traders who are able to make between 15K and 50K about 3 days a week.

    Again these are skilled, disciplined, motivated people who have their act together.

    Again, it seems to me that the real question is "how does one go about getting there"?
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