Is Mahram suffering from an inferiority complex?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by drmarkan, Jun 15, 2006.

Is Mahram suffering from an inferiority complex?

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  1. With the constant attempts by Mahram to bad mouth the United States, do you feel that this has to do mainly with an inferiority complex on his part?

    I have always been of the opinion that somebody who always talks badly about another person or group of people is jealous of that person or those people. This jealousy causes the person to look for anything negative to say about the other party in order to make the individual feel better about himself. It is a compensation for the person's own shortcomings. This is what an inferiority complex is. In order to gain a sense of self importance, you must attempt to bring yourself above the level of the people you wish to be superior to. However, the criteria that the individual uses is one that they decide and does not necessarily reflect what society as a whole values.

    We see this continually with Mahram. Instead of celebrating what is great about his own country without putting down America, he must prove the superiority of his own country to validate himself.
  2. yes I do have an inferiority complex :D

  3. Pabst


    It reminds me drmarken of sports fans and the rivalry's between cities. Green Bay Packer fans hate the Chicago Bears more than vica versa. After all Chicagoans have more on their minds than Green Bay, Wisconsin. Likewise when I lived in NYC I was upset that Knick fans didn't treat the Bulls with the same hateful fervor that Chicagoans express toward the Apple. Instead New Yorkers would utter great patronizing stuff like, "Oh, Chicago! Great town! So clean and easy to get around." I felt like saying FUCK YOU New York! But New Yorkers know they're not in competition with anyone. Except I guess the BoSox but I suspect even there the hatred is more of NE feeling slighted by New York than the other way around.
  4. Good point. It is one thing to take a swipe at the opposing team because they are your rival, than it is to take a swipe at the entire city that the team represents. The rivalry should be in good fun, not to put others down.

    The New Yorkers may also be suffering from a case of narcissism which has the same underlying principles as an inferiority complex. Where in narcissism, there is an unconcious belief that one is inferior, they present themselves as someone that is more important than everyone else. With an inferiority complex, there is an unconcious belief of inferiority, which is fought by trying to prove one's self to be as good if not better than everyone else.

    A good example of narcissism would be Z10's attitude towards the South, or anyone on this forum for that matter.
  5. Ricter


    Maybe it has nothing to do with self-esteem but instead he's a bit like me, once loved the U.S., but has become disillusioned by the mismatch between what the country supposedly stands for, and what it actually does.

    And I'm not just talking about the government, but the citizenry too. There can be too much freedom.
  6. I've read many of your posts, and though I don't agree with you on many points you make, I would not say the same thing of you. The way in which one presents himself with his words says a lot about him.

    The way Mahram presents himself points more towards what I have discussed than someone who just displays a patriotism for their own country, or a disillusionment of what they perceived America to be.
  7. Ricter


    Yeah, I tend to agree. He's probably got some other "bees in his bonnet".
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    I'll also throw in the matches.
  10. Mahram may or may not have an inferiority complex, but "yall sho do" a superiority complex....

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