is M. Zuckerberg the next S Jobs

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  1. KastyG


    is he?

    i think he fell backwards into a pile

    S Jobs was true intellect & visionary
  2. anyone to agree with the title is very ignorant.

    I would only agree if MZ developed pancreatic cancer.
  3. im still trying to figure out what facebook does that is so special, interesting, or advanced??
  4. KastyG


    in retrospect...facebook is genius..every loser gets to place their life their "face" in a big bold banner..LOOK AT ME.

    Know nothing about computer except to logon

    so obvious i retrospect...i wish i'd thought of it:mad:

    most of $ is made off idiots
  5. r-in


    I guess I am in the same boat with AAPL. What have they done that I can't wait a couple months for cheaper, even within their own products? Let alone I can buy computers for soo much less that provide the same utlility that I see no reason to pay up for any form of a Mac. Same goes for Ipod's or I pads. I just don't see the value added, other than marketing hype from a genius at hype.
  6. KastyG


    AAPL an facebook are two dif animals

    AAPL has a real tangible product(s)

    facebook is bsed on the pemise of never ending idiots.

    takes on,e 2i know one zuckerberg

  7. Think of facebook like the superbowl or the world cup. From the outside it just looks like a bunch of grown men playing with a ball. Whats so special or interesting about that?

    Well it brings 10s of millions of people together once a year into one spot and makes it really easy to advertise to them.

    Now look at facebook and change the phrase "10s of millions" to "100s of millions" and change "once a year" to "every single freakin' day"

    See the marketing possibilities now? :)
  8. This is a joke, right? :confused:

  9. KastyG


    facebook gives every idiot their 5 mins of fame...

    lots of idiots out there:eek:
  10. like a 50's laundromat for the local gossip...

    its todays interlaundromatnet for the gossiping, and tell everyone about me person
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