Is Lindsey Graham About to Get Outed?

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    Is Lindsey Graham About to Get Outed?

    Gay rights activist Mike Rogers, the professional outer of closeted, hypocritical gay politicians, claims to have "pictures of a man who spent the night" with Sen. Lindsey Graham. He's supposedly meeting with his lawyer today before releasing them.

    Rogers' previous outings of Ex-Rep. Mark Foley, Ex-Sen. Larry Craig and Ex-RNC chair Ken Mehlman, among others, once earned him the completely arbitrary title of "most feared man on the Hill." He keeps a list, and there are still many names on it.

    Lindsey Graham has been hounded by gay rumors since his first runs for Congress in the '90s. He has never been married, which, to some, proves everything. The rumors still come up regularly, like when another South Carolina politician let it slip in a 2009 interview. And the New York Times Magazine asked him about it in a big profile earlier this year, to which Graham responded, "I ain't gay."

    But what if he is gay anyway? Mike Rogers tweeted these two items on December 18 — the day Graham voted against repealing "Don't Ask Don't Tell" — but few noticed until Wonkette picked them up today:

    I wonder if Lindsey Graham knows I have pictures of a man who spent the night at his house. pls RT
    – 10:57 AM Dec 18th
    Just reached lawyer at home. Meeting set for Tues. on releasing pix of man who spent night at Lindsey Graham's.
    – 11:05 AM Dec 18th

    The language here could use a little more specificity. What does he mean "pictures of a man who spent the night" at Graham's house? Pictures of the man leaving the house? Pictures of a goodbye kiss? Is the man his best friend John McCain? Because maybe he just had male friends over to play Connect Four, like all middle-aged bachelors with money. In any event, gay bloggers are stocking up on popcorn.

    We'll see what Mike Rogers comes up with, assuming his lawyer doesn't nix this plan. But keep in mind that Lindsey Graham is still an active member of the Air Force reserves, and Don't Ask Don't Tell — which Graham voted against just three days ago — will still be kinda-sorta in place for a time until the full repeal takes effect.

    If Graham's worried about this, it could account for all of the hyperventilation and rage he's shown in the last few days.

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  2. Lucrum


    Well I guess he can always join the military.


    Sen. Graham ‘very disappointed’ with Senate’s vote to repeal ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’

    Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina – a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee – released a statement Saturday opposing the repeal of the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy. Graham voted against the repeal, which passed 65-31.
  4. I always got strange vibes watching this guy on meet the press or similar program. If he is outed I would not be surprised one bit.
  5. Did Gayfly give you the inside scoop? Or do you just have the hots for him and are hoping he is?
  6. Rump Ranger must have gaydar.
  7. You dont need gaydar to tell that the Republican party is full of hypocrite closeted homosexuals
  8. That doesn't change the fact you do have gaydar and are obsessed with this subject.
  9. Doesn't change the fact that you brought up the subject of gaydar and are obsessed with Range Rover
  10. Wow. The ladies of The View and all your liberal friends call that being a homophob!

    Oh, and please explain how being gay and against repealing DADT is hypocritical. I have a gay (very liberal relative) who's partner is in the military. She tells me she and other military gays she knows are also against repealling it. Feels it will make life way worse for them.
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