Is Lime Brokerage, Score Priority, owned by a Russian company (Finam) ?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by wic2021californiaxp, Nov 14, 2021.

  1. Fain


    is there an issue with Russians owning things?
  2. I guess people do not trust Russia banks as much as us banks
  3. d08


    Who would. Putin can give personal arrest orders for political reasons, can you live with that risk?
  4. thecoder


    Come on, that's propaganda BS.
    Putin is IMO a good guy who did much for his country.
    Today Russia is a world power again. Of course Russia-haters don't like to hear such facts... :)
    Btw, Ukraine better should be careful not being invaded by Russia :)
    IMO, Russian military at the moment is #1 in the world.
  5. virtusa


    You clearly have no clue what Russians are. Banks can disappear just like that. People too.

    Just an anecdote about one banker:
    A few years ago a banker beated up a young Dutch boy, Jorrit Faassen. Two days later the bank did not exist anymore and the banker was in jail. He was not lucky as he beated up the son in law of Putin...married with Maria.
  6. virtusa


    You have clearly never been in Russia. Or you get paid as a Russian troll to post on internet.
  7. thecoder


    Yes, I've not been in Russia yet, but want to visit it some day if my time permits.
    I don't think one has to be there to know what's going on there, as nowadays we've enough public info channels about everything happening in the world.
    Unfortunately I don't get paid :) I'm just a free-thinker watching the world events, with an own opinion...
    Yes, I've become a Russia fan since 2014 or so :)
    Dobriy Den!
    I only wished they would switch to the Latin alphabet so that I finally could read Russian :)
  8. You sound like a Russian, from your tone, and from your Id. Russian is good at decoding secrets, but not encoding.
  9. thecoder


    LOL! Who cares?! :)
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