Is Kissing Obama and His Team of Globalist Czars Immoral?

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  1. Yes we are a nation of laws. However is an economic policy built upon socialism, degradation, i.e. destruction, of the dollar not grounds for armed revolution?

    The law allows you to shoot a criminal looting your home or property. Are we not as a nation suffering from the same crime? Are asset prices a deity to be preserved at the expense of purchasing power, job creation, debt expansion and wages?

    It took Bush more years than Obama months to spike Crude Oil above $80, Soybeans above $10 and the Euro above 150.

    A fact: We all will die. Perhaps too soon. Just ask those "serving" in Afghanistan. (didn't Obama recently win some sort of "Peace" award?). Why is the safety of American politicians a Sacred Cow while those anti-Patriots use their elective power to bury America under trillions in debt while selling out our sovereignty to Asia.

    I say let's start out small. Take out Geithner first and see if the proper message is delivered.
  2. You may have broken law by the title. to be on safe side, I would withdraw it before too late.
  3. Good catch! I meant kiss not kill!! What law abiding American would advocate killing a halficran with a plethora of Jew Boy advisers who seek to Russionize America?
  4. Why is this pscho not banned?
    What will it take?
  5. What would you plan to do about the American people? Wouldn't they just vote more socialist into office, since they seem to like that sort of thing???
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    I don't know where or how we, as a nation get there, but I'd like to hope that we will find the collective will to not only push back, but to hunt these people down for what they really are...

    ...they are nothing less than financial terrorists who have committed treason against the Constitution.
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    Pa(b)st, my good man, you are a bright guy with intelligent things to contribute with regard to the markets, but when it comes to politics you are way out in right field. If you want to find blame for the current economic difficulties the U.S. finds itself in you have to go at least as far back as Reagan and start there.

    I'm not enthusiastic about either Geithner or Summers any more than I would be if Phil Gramm were running the show, but let's try to keep some perspective. Obama was a non-player with regard to where we find ourselves at present. He is at least showing signs of becoming an outstanding statesman. That he can't wave a magic wand and make 30 years of mistaken policies, democrat and republican, disappear should not be surprising to any of us.
  8. I agree with Piezoe completely. I esp. liked you article on put call. But you are an extremist to the core Pabst. You lack objectivity friend.

    Let me you ask you an honest question. Would you feel the same way about Madoff, Ken Lay, Dennis Kozlowski, Bernie Ebbers, and the rest of the Wall Street crooks? Would you want to kiss them too? Or do your hard core Libertarian views say let the market work it out. Why do they get a pass from you?

    I am far from happy with all of Obama's policies, but think about why they are even talking about a pay Czar. Why does GM execs get a big $$$ pay package when it's our tax dollars that saved their asses? They ain't making no money and you know it. It's because capitalism has gone extreme, and both Republicans and Democrats deserve equal criticism.

    So let's try and strive for a bit more objectivity.
  9. Hey bro. I'd argue the U.S. jumped the shark when FDR was elected. :)

    Summers had the balls to remark the other day in a George Will column that GWB was responsible for asset bubbles. Good to know that Obama isn't using the same dollar debasement playbook, lol.

    Rather than REVERSE the same policies that put us in this bind Obama is MAGNIFYING those destructive initiatives. Bigger and bigger deficits which demand that we cede more and more sovereignty to foreign lenders.

    The Left has the friggin' nerve to insinuate Obama "inherited" the war in Afghanistan when those of us in politics know that he was an ENTHUSIASTIC proponent of the war as early as 2004 when he was campaigning for the U.S. Senate.

    Re-Inflation and debt creation is the antithesis of "change"-it's been the economic thesis for several consecutive Presidents.

    This WILL end badly. Chronically unemployed Browns and Blacks (the Obama elective base) will either riot in the streets or be drafted into WWlll. Middle class America will pay more for taxes and essentials while fighting to keep their jobs. The elites will meanwhile "keep pace" (sort of) while their rising asset prices keep a semblance of diminished parity to the tanking dollar.

    Obama isn't the ultimate problem. The assholes who voted for him are.....

  10. Hopefully you realize everyone you mentioned is in Federal prison. (prosecuted by the Bush DOJ btw) Yes I believe Obama should share a cell with Madoff. Two Ponzi scheming miscreants. Why not mention John Dillinger or a gangbanger too? A free market, capitalistic system doesn't mean we should suspend laws. Nor does it mean their won't be criminals and cheats. But don't allow yourself to buy into the bullshit. Ken Lay didn't cause you to hold a rapidly depreciating currency unless you were being paid in Enron stock. A crime against investors or shareholders-caveat emptor-is hardly on the plane of an elected President selling out the dimwitted American public.

    Steal my stereo if you must but don't hold a gun to my head while fucking me in the ass.

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