Is KINETICK the worst data provider?

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by bigpapi, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. bigpapi


    Wow just began using this and I have to say so far it's a case of you get what you pay for.


    Price (half the price of esignal)
    Free Newsfeeds (Some)


    Customer Service response is extremely slow (I'm talking over two hours response time)

    No phone number to call with issues

    Website sign-up is a bit deceptive in my opinion, it throws an error message at the end which tells you to input the information a second time, then when you do, and check your e-mail, you notice you signed up twice.

    I WANT this company to work, I will save $ on data feed and I don't like ESignal, but unfortunately giving this company a try is looking more and more like a huge waste of time.

    Does anyone use this service? I am using NT and they recommend Kinetick.
  2. Bob111


    logically thinking.. the worst provider would be the one that provide incorrect\delayed data.
  3. The data itself is very good. Why ? Because it has nothing to do with Ninjatrader, it's DTN/IQFeed, but for a lower price because you can only use it with Ninjatrader.

    The login information you receive from Kinetick is just the same format as you receive from DTN/IQFeed and you use their servers.

    So if you are a Ninjatrader user, get over it, get it running and you save $$.

    But the data itself is perfect. DTN/IQFeed is one of the only suppliers (together with Esignal) that gives the bid/ask data correct.

    They claimed to be the fastest datafeed for Ninjatrader, but I had them running side by side with DTN/IQFeed and I saw no difference. You have a minimum delay of data displayed on Ninjatrader 7 of 100ms anyways. The default setting is 500ms but you can lower it to 100ms. (right click charts/properties/chart data delay)
  4. bigpapi


    I am not arguing that the data is incorrect, it may be good, what I am complaining about is over two hours for a response to an inquiry, no contact telephone number.

    Can you imagine what would happen if something urgent happens? This is a disaster just waiting to happen so far. And again I want this company to thrive but don't think they're yet ready for professional traders. I will continue to try them out for a month hopefully this will improve.

  5. Bob111


    if CS is a problem-then it maybe worth it to pay few extra dollars? i have IQ Feed subscription that i was using (delayed feed,mostly for back testing). their support is just superb! all my questions been answered pretty much immediately either via phone or chat. from time to time they even calling me to remind that new client build is out. good old all American CS :p
  6. RobertG


    DTN/IQ is not a feed you can trade on, correct? or can you?
  7. DTN/IQFeed is a datafeed for charting.

    Zenfire/TT/Rithmic and others are not meant for charting, they are a ordering datafeed.
  8. andy4


    had to sign up for Kinetick because I use PATs and needed historic data to back fill should have done it a long time ago.

    I've not had to contact customer service so can't comment on that, have used it for about three months now, never noticed any issues with it, though all I use is the futures feed, mainly TF and ES - of course got an email TF will now charge an additional $70 a month ;-(

    I use it with Ninja and always connects fine, had more issues connecting to Pats, but I've had poor internet and believe that's been the problem. Am looking to switch, just to get overall commissions lower.

  9. RobertG


    Thank you!
    I do trade via Rithmic.
  10. Rithmic only has 1 day tick data backfill.
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