Is John McCain running a Bob Dole-like Campaign?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by quietriotrader, Apr 8, 2008.

  1. I believe so.
    First, why did Bob Dole lose to Clinton in '96?
    Answer that one for better clarification onto why McCain may lose to Obama.

    Secondly, I believe John McCain and his campaign have lots of similarities to Dole and Dole's campaign.

    Here they are:

    1.Both were/are considered "oldest" nominee to run

    2.Both were decorated war heroes

    3.Both republicans in unfavorable times

    4.Both have those bad tempers

    5.They are both running against a young perceived "inexperienced" and "change" candidates ie. McCain/Obama - Dole/Clinton. And usually the general public loves the underdog like Obama and like Clinton.

    What are the thoughts?
  2. I think your right on the mark.....and just like last time, its NOT a good thing always to clinch the nomination so quick and have everyone drop off.....out of site out of mind....OB and Hill are getting huge daily coverage and the opportunity to appear in Debates ect.....
  3. Good point as well, didn't Dole clinch the nomination early too?
  4. yup!...and everyone said he can go around and raise $$ and get way ahead and then bubba got all the attention
  5. The military service and war injuries = shields for both. Pretty hard to defile or get really nasty in the press with men like these two. McCain won't win regardless of his VP pick though. Either Hillary or Obama will landslide on economic angst is still my call.

    I wonder if that little pencilneck Petraeus, having had the chance to win it for McCain with a troop phase down or pullout this summer, could wind up being ordered to do it when the Dems go in.
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    There are huge differences as well. We were not fighting a war. Security was not a large issue. Dole had little appeal to independants and middle of the road Democrats. There wasn't a trainwreck in the Democrat primary where 20% of each side says that if the other side wins they won't vote Democrat.

    And an extension of that last point, and most important, Bubba was the incumbent.

    I don't see an advantage for the Democrat nominee. [​IMG]
  7. Don't matter.

    The number of supporters of each dem candidate is enough to lead to a dem win by a landslide.

    60% of the repub voters will stay home on election day, and 20% will vote dem.
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    Sounds overly optimistic to me.
  9. Only if he falls over backwards head over tea cup into a fawning crowd with a pen in one hand and his meal biscuit (Cindy) in the other.
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    Can somebody translate this for me - I don't speak silly.
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