Is Jim Cramer on crack!!?

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  1. Just tuned in to mad money and Jim Cramer just said everyone should be selling Nasdaq...why you might ask?

    Because it looks exactly like 2000....and who called the TOP in 2000 and told everyone to sell sell sell? JIM CRAMER!

    He is telling everyone that he called the top and told everyone to sell.

    I just found an interesting quote from Cramer from Feb 2000 in which he stated "I know the Nasdaq has increased in value by over 80% last year but I think we are in for record growth again this year"

    I think we know how this turned out

    I know its Don Harold, but its the only video which proves the quote.

    Happens in first 2 and half minutes
  2. Yes, ass crack.

  3. Why do you even turn that show on. I would rather watch bridezilla with my wife than watch that idiot.
  4. because I was eating an early dinner and I wanted to see what he had to say...I havent watched his show in at least 2 years
  5. Yes.

    JC is the biggest Donkey on the street
  6. Seriously though, how is that show still on the air?

    Anybody in the business knows he's a liar.

    CNBC is a trainwreck of financial journalism.
  7. bigpapi


    Booooooooyaaaaah!!!!!! :D Im gonna call in one day and send him a big Boooyaaaaaah from his friends at ET.

    The guy has his own agenda, as will any of us with the right amount of $$$ being funneled to our Swiss accounts from Big Money, but he does put stocks on the move for better or worse.

    I recommend developing a strategy where you first see where the stock is headed and then ride the trend, I do it with the first 15 min candle and ... Boooyaaaaah!
  8. bigpapi


    Okay so capitalize on it, this is America dammit!