Is Jim Cramer a Hypocrite, shyster, just plain stupid, or is he a genius

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  1. I dont know, yesterday was the first day I was like jim what are you saying. It was about the housing bubble. Sure he said its a bubble but it doesnt mean you cant make money off it. The problem is that its pyramid scheme, the people who get in last lose it all or the people who hold to long lose it all. No problem there. Didnt he learn last time. Also he was blasting analyts for downgrading stocks that hit there price targets. But thats what jim does all the time when stock hits his stock prices. Thats so hypocritical. Then there are some genius calls like Google. So is the guy a genius or just plain nuts. I dont know
  2. He is too emotional to be a consistent trader, I think!
    I bet his win rate is 50% at best, and the losing trades maybe he sticks these in his client's hedge funds :eek:
  3. Maybe Jim Cramer makes more money on his syndicated radio program and television appearences than he does trading? no?
  4. I can't believe the amount of threads regarding this guy Cramer....especially on a board called Elite Traders...why such an obsession with him with so many here?.....It seems everything I read about trading and making money in the market says to stay away from tips and the carnival characters who hawk them....I dunno, maybe its just me but everytime I log in here I always see Cramer....

    Each to his own though..I just am curious why so many threads about him
  5. Dustin


    He's smart enough to know that CNBC pays him more than he can make trading. Far from genius though. GOOG was a fluke.
  6. Pardon my bluntness, but, for fuck's sakes guys!

    Isn't it obvious? If this guy was any good do you think he'll be doing these shows?
    NO. He would be too busy trading, partying like a monkey and shagging loose sluts! :cool:


  7. i agree with you
  8. This is so easy....

    Firstly.....Think about

    TV people...sell advertising...develop presence to sell other
    stuff such as books..more TV stuff....even t-shirts

    Seminar sellers

    Book sellers

    Software vendors

    CD and Tape sellers

    Look this case ..what color is the white horse ?

    People sell subject matter that individuals minds want...and has nothing but nothing to do with making money trading....

    If one aspires to learn trading...they find somebody that is doing it now...and sets themself up at .005 all in or less...this is as close as it gets to learning trading....

    Lots of caught fish on ET...lots and lots of searching sheep...easy marks for $29.95 to $5000 seminars....This is for your entertainment only...
  9. Cramer is a great trader whose ego is so big he wants to get on TV and let everyone know.

    His win-lose ratio on stocks is not trelevant to his P&L. He can lose a lot and still clean up if he is disciplined enough to take his losses quickly and ride his winners. i know he can ride his winners.

    He also is not afraid to tell you what he is in. All you people who complain that he is a huckster still watch him. Hmm...
  10. its ajoke how people keep saying cramer was right on google. he was going nuts months ago when it crossed 200 saying buy buy buy and then it crumbled to 165. he was begging people to buy march calls i remember and they went worthless. what about gerqy not a word. hey now he's going to start hypying gerqy as all the strocks are strong
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