Is Jack Hershey abusing ET?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by bighog, Mar 25, 2007.

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    I see these constant posts about "HIS" methods. I see constant posts in MANY threads where Jack and his followers hawk "JACKS" method. In my book this is out and out advertising. Even Jack sais he has developed "manuals and software". maybe not word for word so if paraphrased, please forgive me.

    I see Puretick hawking products also, BUT puretick is a paid advertiser. Am i correct?

    Is Jack USING ET? I mean if anyone can not see through all these posts in multitude of threads in the name of being just a swell guy...GEE. Who is fooling who?

    This reminds me of billboards in the past which simple mean: "We will be coming later with the details and the prices." Folks those billboards cost money. Jack gets a free ride?

    I am willing to give posters that are hawking products some slack if they are paying for the privilege. Why is Jack Hershey and HIS posters allowed to USE us all?

    Thank you
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    harly but I have my :cool: on you.
  3. Oh, Bighog, I most fervently pray that Jack DOES develop products, DOES sell them, and that ETer's DO use them. So should you. But in point of fact WE abuse him far more than HE abuses us. He has gotten pissed off and left ET before. For pity's sake don't lets cause him to do that again! There is no one on ET who makes you think more about trading than Jack does. Where that leads is entirely up to the reader. Astray? Fine with me. To profits? Also fine, as long as they in their numbers make the market behave the way they claim it does. I would LOVE to the see the markets Pachinko in long predictable channels!
  4. What is it about a 73 year old man that has you so scared? All those years as a Teamster seem to have warped your sense of who is, and who is not, a crook.

    "Hoffa - great guy. Hershey? Must be running a scam."

    For around a decade, Jack has posted his methods all across the internet for free. That's one hellu'va long build up for someone who plans to turn a buck off some 'software' package sometime in the future.

    I don't know what kinda' drugs you smoke up their in Michigan, but down here in Ohio, we don't have near the quality you appear to have at your disposal.

    Now that we have Bighog / Batterup (who never seems to be able to master the art of logging in with the same username) standing guard, the rest of us can sleep well at night. Thanks for remaining ever vigilant against such an ominous threat to our sensibilities.

    Be sure to alert us when you determine the threat has passed.


    - Spydertrader
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    Right, follow Jack and soon you will all be millionairs because you follow the mkt. bunch of kooks.. are a member of the flock? .. :D
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    Gee, spyder why so defensive? Feeling the heat ? batterup right again? .. :D

    Be advised i am not childish enough to get in a running tit for tat with you, waste of time. Gee, Jimmy Hoffa, funny and sorta cute. .. :cool:
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    don't know which flock you refer to but hopefully I will be certified as the distinct member of CTA (Channel Thru Air ) method soon.
    Aren't you from t2w board?
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    T2w board? Have no idea what is that? I am a member of nothing except being a daytrader. Maybe at spys suggestion some of us daytraders should join the TEAMSTERS (i was an organizer aside from a city driver in chicago). HA ha

    Looks like new members need a second voice between those claiming to rule the mkts and those that papertarde in the chat room. .. :D

    I stand behind my contention that Jack and his flock are abusing ET.
  9. Put down the crack pipe and step away, dude. You've smoked too much.

    - Spydertrader
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    I've been abusing some people that don't like Jack, should I feel bad?
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