Is it worth paying a visit to TradersExpo Vegas, being held at the US in November?

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  1. Gyles


    I am coming over to the United States this November and would like to know whether I should attend the TradersExpo. Would it be useful for me to attend?

    The site of the same is at Traders Expo : Las Vegas

    Moreover, which talks or seminars should I attend at the TradersExpo Vegas?
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    Anything is worth going if it's in Las Vegas.... I went to the one in NYC and watched a few people talk...mostly sales people selling products but with some effort you might find something useful like a free fidelity notebook and pen....
  3. It's worth it:

    IF . . . you are already in the area
    & . . . you only if you stop by the hardware, software and Brokerage booths.

    Sometimes you can even pick up some cute freebies as well.

    IMHO (for the most part) the free seminars and classes are worth exactly what you pay for them. Most of the paid classes are ok "IF" they already relate to something you are already interested in. If you are looking for "the next best thing", you aren't going to find it at one of those pitches.
  4. tradethetrade

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    Do a search for Traders Expo NYC. There is a whole thread devoted to it including opinions.
  5. What do you mean by "cute freebies"?


  6. sim03


    call girl comps
  7. its definately worth attending. get to see the latest software, platforms in action and ask questions directly to the designers.

    the classes are not worth paying for, imho.

  8. Andre


    Darn it! They always run out when I get to the booth.
  9. I just mean, the little "worth nothing" giveaways like pens and mousepads. I wouldn't buy a plane ticket, get a hotel and waste my time for that stuff.
  10. Gyles


    After having checked out the various speakers at the TradersExpo Vegas, have narrowed down my search to the following few, whom I would like to check out with:

    1. Oliver Velez
    2. Ken Calhoun
    3. Robert Deel
    4. Joe DiNapoli
    5. Adrienne Toghraie
    6. John Persons (I would like to visit a system development session, but am I do not know anything about him)
    7. Curtis Faith
    8. Todd Gordon

    Noticed that Murray did a paid talk in the above meeting last year (2006), Murray Ruggiero at TradersExpo Las Vegas, but his name does not figure in the list this year.

    Moreover, could you please advice as to whether it is worth staying at Mandalay bay for I have seen that the other hotels have better deals?
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