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Discussion in 'Forex Trading' started by sgsaxton, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Trade futures or cash for currencies?
    How do the markets costs compare? (spreads, comms etc)

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  3. Ok lets see if I have this right...
    the spreads at the cme are about 1.2 vs 1-2 at IB. The Comm is about $3.80 or so.
    What about execution speed and Slippage? Is there a marked difference?

  4. sg,

    There are vastly more crosses of currencies availabe to trade in Retail Spot Forex.
  5. sg,

    Your charts are free in Retail Spot Forex
  6. sg,

    The spreads are becoming very competitive in Retail Spot Forex
  7. sg,

    At times, the liquidity is better in Retail Spot Forex
  8. sg...I will spare you the separate posts into some of the disadvantages of trading a retail, mostly unregulated, secondary this thread will become too long.
  9. By the way,

    I trade Retail Spot Forex as I got extremely lucky from the get-go to find a reasonably honest dealer/marketmaker.

    I have only traded with one...and I have not sampled the others. I am consistently, profitable with what I am provided with and presented with.

    I have 33 pair with reasonable spreads. The free charts are adequete and I utilize every single feature. My executions are flawless and I am presented with quotes that resemble what the banks trade with each other with.

    Michael B.
  10. ES,

    Cmon your charts aren't free they are built into the spread. The cost to trade is more expenisve unless you fix you pip value at some ridiculously low value which makes trading not worth it. I pay under $6 RT for currency futures, I would love to hear a forex trader tell me they pay less than that for a comparable pip value.

    Little or no protection for spot forex traders vs. decent protection with currency futures traders, although I am reinvestigating at what level the protection is.

    Don't get me wrong, I have considered mixing forex with currency futures, but I can't see much appeal to forex, other than increased potential leverage, which is a bad thing for most of us, not a good thing.

    Look forward to responses as well.
    #10     Jun 28, 2006