Is it Wise For a Trader to Move to Los Angeles for a Girl?

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    Long story short:

    I met a nice girl but she lives in Los Angeles. I live somewhere in the midwest. She's a dancer/model and as far as I can tell is sane or at least trying to stay sane. We are very similar. Same morals, same background, same interests, etc. She's pretty hot too. It's literally a 1 in a billion catch.

    But the problem is she lives in Los Angeles. I'm unsure if I would even want to live there. Anyone on here that's from there?

    What's the pro and cons if you're a trader?

    The reason I ask is it worth it to move for someone if they are special enough. There's an old advice I've been told:

    "Stay away from girls that are from the big major metropolitan cities. Most are hot. Yeah. But most are also the craziest girls you would ever meet."

    So the question is are the girl inherently crazy or is it the city that makes them crazy?
  2. I'm staying in North LA for an engineering contract, coming from Eastern Colorado.

    1. People seem very shy and unwilling to associate with each other until they see the same face 10-15 times (maybe it's a big city thing)

    2. Once they see ur face 10-15 times, and they begin to acknowledge your presence, you begin to realize that they seem very unhappy and frustrated with life.

    3. Fornication and feminism seem to be the prevailing religion, along with materialism. If you found a hot babe from here, be prepared to relinquish your God-given role as the head of the wife and faithful companion (you did say she was a "dancer").


    4. Markets open nice and early.

    5. Some areas are better than others, depending on the race and religion of the inhabitantz
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    Been to LA, would never want to live there. Weather is good, beaches are cool, chicks are hot (many 1/2 naked on the beach) but about pollution. Hope you don't have any respitory conditions.

    From a trading standpoint, the wake up call will be a bitch but you're done trading pretty early. Plenty of time to hit the beach. Lots of investment firms located in San Fran if the LA thing don't work.

    Comes down to this, imo....if you really dig this chick and you think the relationship has long term potential, and you're young enough, then WTF, go for it. You'll get used to the wake up call and then you have the entire afternoon to surf, sun bathe, whatever. What's life without taking some risks. Some people love LA, others hate it. I liked to Vaca there but I'd never live there. San there's a place I could live.
  4. why can't she move to you? If she is unwilling to, that right there tells you something.
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    Good points but what is that supposed to mean with the dancer comment? :(
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    She's a dancer. She danced in music video and for celebrities. She was one for Katy Perry for example. She was also in a dance movie.

    She said that she has to be in LA for her dancing career. There's no way she can move. She's 22 btw. She's also very smart and very mature for her age. I'm not just saying that. It's the only reason why I would even be considering moving.

    Me however. I can move. I can trade anywhere that's has an internet connection and a computer. So it doesn't bother me. But still it's LA.
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    Actually, the older I get the more risk averse I'm getting....:(
  8. I may have misunderstood.... if she's a hollywood actor than it's not the kind of dancing I was thinking.

    As long as you are not selling a house to come here, it's a low risk trade (you can always move back if it doesn't work out.).

    Lowest risk way to come here is in a motorhome / RV and stay at a trailer park, though you need a thick skin (seeing as how you're a trader, you already qualify)

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    No harm.....that's what I thought you meant. I've caught one of those type of dancer before too. Never again. Haha. :D
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    Don't forget you are almost certain to have a much higher state income tax and cost of living.
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