Is it useless to prepare for the collapse?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by peilthetraveler, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. Alot of people are buying physical gold & silver. Stocking up on food and buying guns & ammo. But one only has to look at Katrina just 4 years ago and see how fast the military comes in at relieves you of your weapons. They went door to door took peoples weapons. Its safe to assume that if the worst happens, they will get your gold/silver, guns and whatever else they want.

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  2. Buy this book...
    It safely took everyone out of the market at the bottom of 03.:D

    And 6 years later, it's even updated with a newer edition!
    (that advertises something to the effect... they called the crash... errrr.. 6 years earlier that is).

    Just make sure to check the expiration date when you stock up on canned beans; six years in the mountains requires a lot of non-perishable food.
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    I am with you we have lots a problems, gov is corrupt and I fear for our political situation which has bee. Detorisriting for many years

    But their is no collaps it's ludicrous show me a 1st world nation that collapsed overnight. It takes hundreds of years loom at france and UK.

    or where the survivslists thrived

    It's teenage pipe dream

    I jus slogged throught he book the Patriot by this guy rawlsey. Terrible book btw. But if you want to beat off to survivalst dribble check it out.

    governments Just don't walk away.

    Go ahead buy some gold and silver so you can sleep at night I did

    look at our own history when did it ever pay to stock up on ammo and gold and hide in the hills?

    Civil war, like Sherman wasn't going to look for you and torch your house

    Castro would find you Sierra maestre and put you in the paredon

    learn fro the Jews know. A trade or profession that everyone needs and GTFO

    sorry for typos typing on iPhone from the can
    Looks like a drunk post
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    The crisis has <b>ended.</b> Big Ben will even be talking about raising rates tomorrow. Las Vegas is hiring 12,000 new people, permanent people. It's over, done, finished. Go back to what you were doing but before you do be sure to buy something. Christ, you can buy at any price and make money.
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    What??? The market is still down 30-40% from the peak. Housing (not that it matters) is down. The MBS that sit in most retirement portfolios are increasingly worthless. The dollar is crashing. Unemployment is continuing to rise.

    I don't know about this Las Vegas claim of yours -- but where's the money, where's the investment? I don't see any. I don't see any evidence of that happening. The stock market is probably still a good buy -- but definitely not because of any improvement to the economy.
  7. I don't know what Bernanke will do, but I hope you're not referring to City Center in the second part of your post. Most of the people hired will be those who were laid off at MGM properties or will be transferred over from their existing job. Las Vegas still has a very long way to go before it starts creating jobs again.

  8. Don't think gun confiscation will go over too well in USA. Best to leave that one alone.
  9. It depends where you live. You think the Amish will notice much if there is a collapse? What about those folks that live in Appalachia. They can give a *&%^.

  10. How about THIS country! Colonial scrip, Continental currency, South Carolina pound, Massachusetts pound, Virginia pound, and the last one the confederate dollar. We dont used any of those anymore do we?

    Everytime one of those currencies failed or were forced out of circulation there was a war on US soil.
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