Is it true?

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  1. Fortune and some other magazines also reported that Daniel J. Zanger could turn $11,000 into $18 million in 18 months. Is it really doable? 164,000% !!!!! I heard many such hypes before but I am not sure this one is true or not.
  2. Read your sig. All one needs is belief, right? Yeah :p
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    COULD turn. Sure, anyone COULD do it. But have they?
  4. It was $40,000 to $23,000,000.00 in about two years and then up to just over $40,000,000 after another two years...that is what has been verified from the market run-up years, prior to March 2000 (Clinton year) stock market dumper. I also know one day, months after March 2000, that Dan was holding HUGE telecom related stocks and lost over 36% of his entire portfolio in an overnight gap down from a Nortell Networks negative pre-announce...36% of around $40,000, do the math!

    Apparently (this I have never seen confirmed), Dan made all that loss back over a 5 month period SHORTING stocks...I guess that was the hint he needed that the market run-up was over....LOL :D

    Merry Christmas To ALL!!!

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    Anyone knows how Dan is doing in the last two years? Did he turn his $10M into $1B ? :p :D
  6. i am probably going to have the greatest lifetime return in all of earth's history...and i'm not kidding.

    i can say this after trading for almost 5 years.
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    Hey Gekko,
    Mr TruthTeller told all the truth replying to your thread "how do u determine if something is statistically significant?"

  8. FACT: anyone who tries to belittle me is a fuckin idiot and/or a loser.

    winners know what's possible and that things are doable, so they don't put people down. the losers don't know and are angry because they're a loser. they then take it out on other people who SUCCEED WHERE THEY FAILED.

    so, go ahead and reveal yourselves, losers!!! post away!
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