Is it true? That the smarter you are the worse the world looks?

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  1. I wouldn't say you are smart if you don't have the sense to look out after what should be one of your top priorities - your personal happiness.

    The media will fill your head with nonsense about impending doom from asteroids, global warming, etc. It's only your choice to let them effect you.
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  2. But is the reality on how one fools himself? happiness just a feeling for the moment....

    there is one thing for are going to die...are you looking forward to it?

    why do you trade?

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  3. i read the first 2 pages....but intelligence.....has nothing to do with happiness/unhappiness.....or how you look at the world`s current state.....that is more of a psychological/personality prepossession. The world is what it is.....but value judgements....of "this state of the external world"...are based on subjective likes/dislikes, social programming which conditions humans to interpret said events either negatively/positively, social environment, and a myriad of other factots far beyond a trading message board.

    But I have heard this thesis floated before....and it is based upon some psychological study....i.e., some study getting grant money....those psychologists....create almost as much theory as they discover.....take it with a grain of salt....they have to publish just for the sake of publishing....they will have some slick model, attach some catchy phrases, and the next thing you know, they have invented a new theory/affliction/etc.

    Psychology as a science is severely limited by the nature of academia itsef, poor methodology, and the fact that the best minds go into other fields like philosophy, physics, and mathematics.
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  4. damn it you E Savant and other have forced me to explain,

    Here it is.

    Researching remote viewing led me to other paranormal phenomena, psycho-kinesis, phillip effect, specific out of body experiences, certain aspects of lucid dreaming etc. Not to mention the fascinating international Global Consciousness Project which scientifically shows that groups of people can alter physical reality. I can confidently now write that duality of body and mind is real, not because old religious texts say it is so. But because we now have broad range of facts available to all who seek it. What is very much disputable are the details, which religion got it right, in my opinion none. It is even arguable if life after
    death is something that awaits only some humans.

    So I am a day trader, philosopher, musician, humper of women, and generally very aware of shit in the world.

    what have I learned so far, to put it in one sentence, true happiness can only exist in adolescent ignorance

    later in life smart people don't experience happiness but the best they can do is experience intellectual satisfaction by understanding that true blissful happiness is now out of reach.

    and what happens then????

    we die, that too is no big deal
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  5. MrPaul


    "Intelligence" in this context is an abstract idea. Your unique mental structure will dictate your outlook on the current state of the world etc. It is not the environment as much as it is your perception of things based on your beliefs, associations and memories. Things that could have been formed before an "Intelliigence" variable (as we are defining abstractly here) is introduced. But then again, I'm only smart enough to know that I know nothing...
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  6. Too much Art Bell :)

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  7. I believe its the opposite. the smarter one is the more optimistic and happy. allow me to explain--- intelligence enables you to control your own emotions, the unintelligent can't or will not take this route as they can't "see" it. intelligence enables one to see mankind and the individual improving in all ways. we are conquering disease, feeding the hungry, discovering new and better ways to do almost everything. on the individual level, intelligence allows us to improve ourselves, to reach far beyond what our parents even imagined. It allows one to experience things only dreamed about by the lesser masses. yes, intelligence is the key to happiness.

    please note, mental illness such as depression, seems to strike the intelligent more readily--- in these cases it all goes out the window-- beating depression becomes all encompassing.


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  8. :p :p :p

    E Savant, that only means that you know coast to coast very well :p

    by the way, are you paid to be moderator.
    Sure you are comp geek (so am I in a way) but man, why do you spend so much time on ET

    I can understand if you have trouble making friends, I think most people are stupid but, spending so much time on ET is definetly not healthy for your mind

    why don't you call few people and just go out and maybe have a drink

    you don't have to respond, but promise yourself you'll think about it.

    I am like your inner wisdom being manifested through ET, I am not real uuuuuuUUUUU
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  9. hey surf...we are even arming ourselves for the destruction that only nuclear capabilities can bring...isn't the modern world just great?...we better kill off our seniors cause' the increase in life expectancy with the leaps and bounds that the medical field is producing will surely bankrupt social security...we can't afford to keep em' alive... must immediatley work for free and pay for your medical school to boot!!!

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  10. I have not read all 10 pages of this thread and I imagine that this has been stated many many times before.

    "Be smart enough to change that which is within your means to change.
    Be smart enough to let go that which is beyond your means to change.
    And allow God to make you smart enough to recognize the difference."
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