Is it true? That the smarter you are the worse the world looks?

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  1. Faith=firm belief in something for which there is no proof or little of it, or complete trust, or possibly a system of trading beliefs.
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  2. yes sir, Good advice. I am doing these four things. #4 is with a smaller voice and some hear it.

    I have sort of a mentor, and some things in my life really really big are happening. It happens that my mentor is my benefactor and being that I came from a dysfunctional family and faced many new life experiences alone, have made me rather independent and some might consider me a loner.

    I have had what I consider opportunities of a lifetime, simply to throw them away. Some people do not believe me, so I do not bother to explain. My memories and pains that have shaped my perceptions have been forgotten just to be remembered later...In trading winning without question is far harder for me than losing. The lack of "belief" in me as a person, from my mother is the root of this

    When I was a young boy, being raised by my grandmother, while my abandoned mother (my father left at 10 mo's old) worked very hard to have money when I was born and she was 47 years old. My mother never held me and kissed me...or told me she loved me...we were rather distant and she should have never had children and I was an accident. I never was allowed to go out and get dirty and play.

    Being that my birthday was late in December they put me ahead in school. They gave me a test and judged that my IQ (whatever that is) was slightly above average but nothing special, would allow me to be a grade ahead. I also attended college while in high school on an advanced placement program.

    I have been alone until I met my wife 19 years ago. She is older than I (I am 47 she is 62) and with your experience you can understand the Oedipus complex and the tendencies associated statistically with my background. No I am not gay...

    I am completely comfortable posting this and with myself and talking about myself does not bother me :)

    Applying life experiences to trading and hearing stories from other traders fascinates me, especially the consistently profitable ones.

    if u are thinking of a way out i recommend:

    1. eating good food - have 1 banana a day - it helps ur state of mind which in turn improves everything else.
    2. be very picky with the people u get close to and the environment u socialise in.
    3. read Viktor E. Frankl's Mans Search for Meaning. accept suffering is a integral part of life. do not fear it. cherish it.
    4. if u really really feel smart, then use it to ur advantage. work hard and achieve big goals. if the world looks that bad, maybe u can do ur part to change it.
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  3. It's quite the opposite when it comes to <b>hard-core</b> depression.
    In my case, <b>malnutrition</b> was one of the side effects- and not for lack of food, just lack of desire to eat, move... or live.
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  4. lol no.. but i've read alot on the subjects. i've suffered from depression myself, esp. in my teens. still have my days but its totally different, esp from my expereiences, what i've learned and know now.. i used to think alot of how the world is and even more today, it's not a bad thing at all if take the right approach.

    i beleive most of our discussion is its application to trading, and i believe it has alot. not only trading but everything in life. depression can definately motivate some people to work hard to change things for themseles - take jesse livermore. but can end tragically too as it did with him. our perception is important too. Soros purely trades on the perception of the market. he's no rocket science genius. problem is most of us overlook the most basic issues.

    as far as trading goes, all the great traders I know of were all different and took different approaches to their work. but one major thing they all have/had in common, is they all read many books. not only about the markets, but life in general.
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  5. I've already prevented dozens- maybe hundreds, of people from going through the whole depression death spiral by explaining how doctors <b>should</b> be dealing with refractory depression.

    Within a decade or two, SSRI prescription volume will inevitably drop to below 10% of current levels. In the future, physicians will actually <b>help</b> their depression patients by prescribing medications that actually work <b>better</b> than placebo.

    Zoloft, Paxil, Prozac, Wellbutrin, Effexor, Lexapro and friends will inevitably occupy a page in the Medical History Hall Of Shame- right next to bloodletting, mercury salves and eugenics.

    ...but until that day finally comes, my site will still be needed:

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  6. one of the basic problems some of us face is our tendency to get obsessed with some part of life. like thinking too much about simple stuff to make sense of it. i was brought up by a single mum, and ive got more white hair than my friends. life is not perfect, BUT there are certianly some who have a better time of it than others. i don't know why, but that's no longer the question i look to answer. i believe we all, every single one of us, has his or her own cause, and it is up to us to find our for ourselves. there is so much much more to life than trading. Soros can coach 10 students to be great traders but only 1 will be successful. it has nothing to do with intellegence. we all have a cause in life, and it certainly isn't trading for all of us. if u are motivated by money, then some make more money selling scrap paper than some successful traders. i really fear for those who r not very successful in trading and feel its the end of their life or something. but as i mentioned before, its really about how we approach life. u should cherish all ur experiences and make the best of every opportunity u are given. ive met many successful people from different backgrounds in different jobs, and they all find happiness not from money, bla blah etc. but from working hard in their job and being close to their loved ones.
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  7. I find myself attracted to the Forest Gump Movie...then there was a great movie with Peter Sellers...he was a gardner and became president...title = Being was a brilliant movie along with all the Columbo series with Peter Falk.

    I purposly endeavor to simplify things now and find myself living on a satirical stage...Wifey says this is far more dangerous than the facing the pain that life only

    dealing with all of it and understanding a little may be better...

    so the smarter you are....can lead to the world looking worse...look what happened to Adam..Damn you Eve...

    Michael B.

    P.S. Joke: What time of day was Adam born...Just before Eve

    like thinking too much about simple stuff to make sense of it.
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  8. buzz


    Lets not forget, No man is big enough to do anything by himself. The most frantic of your energies cannot change a wave of the sae, or the color of the grass, or the spread of a tree.
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  9. and where were you, when I formed the winds...


    It is strength like this that inspires me to go forward.

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  10. One of the great blights on our time is stupid people adopting an attitude of cheap cynicism in order to appear wise and world-weary.

    If you're smart enough to see how bad things are then you should be smart enough to see how much good is coexisting with the bad. People have lost the ability to synthesize conflicting ideas.
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