Is it true? That the smarter you are the worse the world looks?

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  1. When Dr.OppenHeimer retorted with now were all son's of Bitches" ....what did he mean? was he dissatisfied or unhappy in the realization that he was able to discover how to put nuclear fission in practice?

    Dissatisfaction isn't the same as unhappiness. It's dissatisfaction that leads the human race forward, not unhappiness.
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  2. I have had the occassion to meet some geniuses, and this would not apply to them...are they unhappy or dissatisfied? does the world look worse to them?

    Emotional intellegence and "common sense" are not requirements. I knew this one mathematician, that should not be driving actually...he was handicapped mentally and spacially...

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  3. I was working ith a doctor when in College. He said to me one day...kid...its a battle...its between the bacteria...

    My reply was...who's winning?

    He smiled...and proceeded with his phone conversation...

    another world...
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  4. Can artists be smart? how does the world look to them?
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  5. Is Faith Logical?
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  6. I feel best when I drink. Alcohol makes me stupid - therefore I think that stupid people feel best.
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  7. do you consider yourself enlightened? how about during most of the time when you are sober?

    have you ever worked out in the gym and felt a simular euphoria? Do chemicals play a part in this?

    Do smart people use different chemicals and do the receptors have different action?

    does the knowing or lack thereof effect our perception?...our destiny is to know all someday...will that someday be different?, than today?...will the world look better then? Do we fool ourselves in anyway today to cope with tomorrow?

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  8. This has everything to do with trading....
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  9. the answer really depends on the personality of the individual in question.

    take someone who is purely concerned with advancing his or her understanding of the world - in every sense - theoretically, spiritually etc. this person is likely to experience great loneliness and sorrow, - mainly due to recognising the clear imperfections of this world and human societies and its agents. This person is likely to recognise the meaningless in the average humans perception of materialistic objects. he will find himself lacking motivation in great areas of life - purely because it lacks definition and cause.

    now take mr.2 who is equally gifted as mr1 above. however, this person naturally has great imagination and curiousity to use his advantage over the average to exploite natures inefficiencies and humans perception. this is relevant in all areas concerned - from mating, to getting a job, and to ruling mankind..(and trading....).. mr2 is likely to fulfill his human natural senses to the full. in this case, the world looks much greater to mr2 than to mr1.

    it does not matter how we define intellegence etc. the truth is that every concept is subjective. but what is more important is that if i give two people the same level of intellegence, it is in their nature to take different paths in life. why do we all have different favorite colours? why do we all look different?

    Einstein is highly regarded as one of the most intellegent men to have walked the earth. the way I see it, many others just like him, failed to overcome depression throughout their lives or committed suicide.
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  10. I reserve a later comment to this. It is too early in the thread.

    Thank you Batman28

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