Is it true? That the smarter you are the worse the world looks?

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  1. I guess that if T28 won't let it go and stop sending me PMs I need to keep letting people know what sort of Troll we are dealing with in T28. Same old boring flame tactics. And sadly he never put up an argument to counter, just a little new age anti-science babble. He is one weird guy.

    Not worth debating because he isn't rational. For anyone who might be interested in understanding Trader28 a few quotes might help. :)

    "Jesus was a kabbalist, like every other jewish rabbi/essene of the time, he'd be horrified by christianity"

    "The deification of Jesus (by a mad roman emperor) has taken divinity out of man, it is the greatest crime of organised religion to feed the lie that we are not divine, that god is something seperate, that we must feel guilty... it's a tragedy"

    "The fact that you are attacking me reveals your insecurity and that you dont really understand probability... as for the pipe reference... it is so old and hokey I actually feel embarrassed for you" ... funny how t28 always feels he's being attacked?

    "And once and for all if you allow emotions into the equation as you said you do then you are nothing but an amatuer, meditation and trading are acts of discipline, if you cant control your emotions then you are a perennial loser... but I guess someone needs to be on the other side of my contracts"

    "I know everything about you, I knew the minute you told me you couldn't control your emotions while trading, and then set about proving it in this thread"

    "You called down the thunder so it is a little late to piss and moan about the rain, trading is also about taking responsibility for ourselves and our actions, but if you must play the victim then also admit it about your trading so we can feel extra sorry for you"

    "Thats a very eastern centric view of meditation, a western occultist would disagree with most of that even though the basic goal and path is the same, for instance morals are an illusion from a higher perspective. Much of the eastern tradition has come to the west polluted with exoteric rubbish and is certainly not what the true adepts would be practicing. The entire concept of transcendence smacks of escapism when it is obvious we incarnate for a definite physical purpose"

    "There is exoteric Buddhism and then there are the Buddhist adepts of the inner school... milk for babes and strong meat for men"

    "Quantum physics is in it's infancy and barely understood by it's own experts, esoteric lore is millenia ahead of science, for instance the knowledge that the universe is an expression of the absolute's own awareness is thousands of years old, but only in the past few decades have scientists been heard to claim that the universe begins to look like a giant thought"

    "Science does a good enough job of misrepresenting itself without any help from us, the minute they can all actually come to a consensus on a theory it is superseded by another... dont look to science for ultimate truth... you'll just get another temporary theory"

    "And of course it is in it's infancy, have they explained the nature of reality? do they even know what electricity or gravity is yet? todays theory is tomorrows flat earth!"

    "I guess you missed the 122 page thread I started entitled simple profitable method that everyone keeps congratulating me on winners win... losers like to deflect from the reason they lost, like you did above" .... grandiose delusion?

    "come back again anytime you want your arse handed to you again... and ps... those sheep are for wool... not for lovin "

    and a few old gold quotes:

    "They warned me over at trade2win not to come over here, nothing but bad jokes and bad traders... should have listened"

    "I have never seen so many morons that couldn't answer a simple question... the bad jokes are obviously a defence to cover up the fact that you troglodytes simply dont have a clue"

    No more abusive PMs please T28. I guess my desire to leave you to your obsessive insanity isn't being respected so I'll keep coming back and letting everyone know why you were banned from Trade2Win --- maybe the moderators here will get sick of you too.
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  2. Someone needs to meditate :)
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  3. ultranet


    Its all in the MIND...

    its all a mind game..... no rules, not a thing....

    we all are in mind game.......
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  4. did anyone notice that Electric-Savant crossed over 11,000 comments?

    man, what's your real job?, just a favorable kind of way
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