Is it true Herbert Cain is NOT voting for psychotrump

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  1. Bite my tongue (its an old idiom expression).............. but WAS I GLAD to find-out that Herbert trumper Cain caught covid19. I recall seeing his photo at that reckless, self-centered Tulsa rally that ignorant psychotrump organized during a raging pandemic. Real leadership! But what the fck does he care about anyone else; and what do all those brilliant scientists, physicians, National Institutes of Infectious Disease leaders know?!

    Bon voyage Herbie. See, IF you are DUMB enough to NOT wear a mask and protect your own health and life particularly at AGE 74; then you deserve to get Covid19 and suffer or die slowly. Not to mention potential lasting effects even upon younger and dumber trumpers who may survive and only have had mild symptoms. Long term effects may ruin the rest of their meaningless lives.

    Some of the selfish ignorant people who have risen from the sewers of this Country apparently have to learn the hard way. But in so doing they are perpetuating this virus and hurting the other high-quality people living here.

    Now that Herbert is gone; we need more of the brainless millennials suffering or dying too. They seem to be among the most selfish-arrogant crew that continues to perpetuate this virus with their careless, selfish habits which have been reported. Party-down punks; see how that plays out for you over the next year-year and a half!

    Oh wait, I FORGOT. This is all a HOAX. A f-king hoax. No one is dying or becoming very ill. There are actually dumb MFs who believe that.

    There are also people who still believe the world is flat. There are still people who believe trump is not seriously mentally ill.

    Like I said... bite my tongue.
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    Here's the thing though...If you die from something, you don't learn the lesson of that thing. Because you're dead. So it's just a waste of materiel.
  3. This is how libs think, they are angry and wish death on people they disagree with politically.

    Thats how scared they are.
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    Yeah but he called it a hoax and then died from it.

    "They couldn't hit an elephant at this distance."

    John Sedgwick was a general in the Union Army in the American Civil War. He saw many engagements and was wounded by bullets three times - but was seemingly immune to fear.

    Source: The Death of General John Sedgwick, General Martin McMahon, 1887.

    His public legacy got reduced to his last words.
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    Is is possible, I wonder, to not wish death on someone, and yet believe that the world is somewhat better without them?
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    I'm OK with Herbie's passing, but I am hoping we can keep our Jackass president alive at least long enough to get him checked in to a comfy federal prison. My life won't really be complete until I see that Jackass in cuffs. Please, god, keep him safe from Covid and alive long enough for the new AG to have a go at him. I'm not asking for much. Just that one thing, and I'll die happy.

    But, god, if you're listening, you could really make my day if you could somehow work it so he's behind chain link on concrete with an aluminized Mylar blanket , lights on 24-7.
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  7. What is the political basis for NOT wearing a mask a-ole? What the f-ck did a loser like you sound ever do to claim any rights to not wear something as simple as a fking MASK?! Big sacrifice for losers like you.

    Yes-- I do hope you catch covid19. Yes I am angry at losers like you sound. Yes, I voted for trump but he's mentally ill. Anyone who can support that psycho is a traitor.

    I am 71 years old. Do I look like it in the photo sucker. Taken 2 years ago. I care about my health and enjoy life. Too bad there are dumb MFs like you who somehow believe in their sick minds that everything nowadays, including a serious killer virus, is somehow political. You are one dumb MF; aren't you. You have to have some deficit in your brain cells to post something as ignorant as you just did. Like assuming I am liberal. But we can't argue with stupid. Do you know what that means?
    I didn't think so.
    Stupid people will never get it!
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  8. ph1l


    Herbert Cain was a bona fide left winger and neither had COVID-19 nor voted for a Trump, but he might have voted for a Trudeau though.:p
    Good to know you are happy when someone dies though.:)
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  9. People with low vitamin D levels die from a lot of things.
  10. People with high blood pressure who get all worked up die from heart attacks and strokes. Be careful people, do not let the political divide kill you.
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