Is it too late to become a daytrader at 30?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm Andy. Is it possible to become a trader? I' already 31 years old. I know most of trading floors only recruit the young under 25 since they are more likely to be successful (Even though, most of them will not survive in the first year of their trading career according to my knowledge). I'd like to ask if there're any chances for "old man" like me.

    I did some swing trade occasionally, not very expierenced on day trading. I think day trading would give me an opportunity to know how stock market works and help me to become a professional trader.

    Do you think it's realistic for me to become a daytrader?
    Thank you for your advice.
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    Welcome to ET, Andy.

    For myself, I'd need to know a lot more about you before venturing an opinion on that question.

    The main reason I'm responding is just to mention that it's perfectly possible, in principle, to "become a successful daytrader" without needing to "get a job on a trading-floor", so there's no intrinsic reason why the difficulty of achieving the latter (about which you may well be right) should necessarily dissuade you from attempting the former.
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  4. I would not recommend it. Don't listen to all the dreamers on ET who for some reason want you to think otherwise.
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  5. So sad ;-(
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  6. What information would you like to know, Xela?
  7. Thank you for your advice, I know it's not gonna be easy and there's a high chance to fail.
  8. You're not too old to get a job on the trading floor at're just 31 years too late for that job.
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    It sounds like a terrible terrible job.
  10. Is it too late to become a daytrader at 30?
    No. One of the world's greatest traders switched from short term trading to day trading at 52!
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