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    For an upgrade? I'm getting 100% CPU spikes with only Firefox open at times. When I have my trading apps. open, often times I'll get reoccurring flickers and stoppage gaps. Never any crashes though. WIN2K is solid as a rock.

    Have a look-see:
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    I'll try this one for the third time:
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    last one:
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    I guess the question I'm asking is; can I upgrade my present setup, or should I just purchase a new system?

  5. The question is what program(s) is causing the heavy CPU usage?

    Go to Task Manager (Ctrl-Alt-Del) and click on the Processes tab and then click the CPU header to bring up all programs and CPU usage. Every now and then I notice Firefox will cause heavy CPU usage. If so, highlight it in the Processes window and then click End Process. The program will be closed, and then you can re-start it.
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    All the programs running (on screenshot 06) I use during the trading session. At least the ones feasting on my memory. Even when my memory drops real low, I still get CPU spikes that last a while. So I'm wondering what's up. Now if you or others can tell me exactly which ones I don't need, I'll uncheck'um. But I tried that yesterday and my whole desktop disappeared. Yikes! So I thought I'd ask the pros.
  7. Well, I'm no self-proclaimed expert, but I don't believe memory usage is synonymous with CPU usage. That's why I recommended going to Task Manager and checking the CPU usage. Neither screenshot 04 or 06 shows CPU usage.
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    ooppps... I hope this helps:
  9. Well, it doesn't get any better than that from a CPU usage standpoint. I think your fine the way it is. As I said, I have noticed the browsers will sometimes cause heavy CPU usage for what I consider to be no valid reason. If I notice the computer acting sluggish, I start with the Task Manager, and identify the piggy program, and shut it down. Re-start it, and problem is nearly always solved.

    PS. Monitor the programs in Task Manager if you suspect a problem. I noticed you run MarketDelta. I have noticed it is a hog at times, but its intermittent. I would only shut down a [program if it is constantly taxing your system.
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