is it time?

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  1. To start going long everything in sight considering that the ECB basically put through QE Euro Edition?


    Sure looks like it
  2. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    Sure, go long. Please post positions so we can cheer you on.
  3. Ok, ill throw a paper trade on just for you and your negative mocking personality.

    Long everything
  4. Ask yourself (and count on your fingers while you're at it) how many times you thought (or the mainstream media hacks gleefully reported it as such) that some acronym'd entity was going to go in and essentially solve the Eurozone crisis in the past 5 months...EFSF, ECB, IMF, Fed, China, etc, etc...

    Why is this time different? Or are you the guy who has bought the highs of every one day wonder rally like A Shillovic?
  5. denner, I am not suggesting the huge borrowings are a sufficient condition to trade on but this time is different. The Euro banks took down $638 billion (with a B) in three year money -- TODAY!

    These are not just promises this is real money. That is not to say it is all wine and roses. The leverage has not gone away for the banks or the ECB but it does -- for the moment -- plug a big gaping hole that was about to blow out.

  6. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    So you weren't really thinking of going long a particular instrument, just starting another "go long/short the world" thread?

    Good thing, because those threads are in such short supply.
  7. there use to be a broker in our office. He talked a big game, but could never take a position unless he got someone to go in with him.
  8. saftey in numbers right? hahah
  9. I hope you are joking...

    Go look at my shorts in IBM and Gold, go look at my longs in LNKD and GRPN that were well documented before the fact.

    I think your best option is sitting back taking notes and watching
  10. I put on longs and shorts all the time. I work alone and have no need to tell anybody about it. And I don't get on the internet and ask if I should go long.
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