Is it time to pack our bags & leave?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Index piker, Apr 4, 2010.

  1. If they screw around with us just nuke'em and resume lunch.
  2. It is WAY past time to leave.

    I have no idea what 'nuking them' would accomplish and certainly don't understand the mindset of somebody that would spout such ridiculous bullshit.
  3. I think it's pretty obvious the UN could fu(k up a wet dream.

    When our previous strongman starts mouthing off about switching sides it's over or he's a dead man walking.

    Which do you think is best longterm?
    Look at it this way at least we don't have to bomb them into the middle ages.

    We can still have forward air bases in Iraq capable of striking saudi arabia, gaza and Iran for the clash of civilizations militant is-lame is so keen to have.
  4. In the other post by Freethinker.....u feebly bloated about of being shocked and astonished and shit , yet look at what u write.You can advocate the the murder of millions of people, women and children across the world, and resume lunch. Have u even been in the military, let alone a war.... Do you know what u talking ? yet you want to call yourself a Christian . and by the way...the word is FUCK...FUCK...FUCK. Have the balls at least to say it as it should be told.
  5. piker is one dumb a$$ :D
  6. But he spews the sewage of two dumb asses.

  7. Yeah you are right using a nuke now would just be a waste , sure could have used them at tora bora.

    However battle testing a MOAB or FAB might be appropriate.

    I say bring back development of the best weapon system ever " the neutron bomb"ause we're gonna need it.Even when I was in the army we had nuclear 155 shells. I say make'em neutron capable.
  8. What are you crying about?

    Our chosen man has just threatned to switch allegiance to the regeime that attacked our country (a civilian target I might add) and you think any option available should not be considered?

    Get real that's why we are losing this clash of civilizations.

    I say if karzi keeps taking trash like thiis he's a dead man at minimum and should be a wake up call to those who think we can thrust the afgans into the 19th century.
  9. I still can not believe that the soldiers armed with the latest tech equipment and all the support and logistics can not finish up these cavemen.

    It just doesn't make sense

    Maybe they don't want to finish the job.
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