is it time to go long???

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  1. so cyprus is no issue, capital controls bank deposits no news.. deutsche bank going to be downgraded as well? still non news..

    wot do i do now close my shorts and go fully long? what's the target 1600? 1700? maybe 2000?

    let me know what you think thanks :)
  2. I mean surely, spx coming so close to all time high close and not make it? and not make a new high close? it's certain. no matter how bad the news. and all previous times it's made a high it's been 20 points higher than the last high. so I'm guessing it will close 1570 tomorrow and then a top at 1582 on Thursday. agreed?

    1582 it is. that's the number we should all target.

    so time to go fully long tomorrow until spx 1582.

    right? :)
  3. Just short the market at the maximum size per pip you can that will allow you a stoploss of 2,500points on Dow before a margin call,
    set a target-order about 4-5% down from current level,
    then go away and come back in 1months time and see if your target order has been filled yet.

  4. hey that sounds very sensible. I'm going to think about doing that tomorrow. thanks
  5. You're welcome.. :)

    Its not what any textbook or 'market guru' will preach for you to do,
    but it the method that will make you ALOT of profit money in the end, and all you need is to be patient for a few days-weeks. :cool:
  6. I thought you were short the market?

  7. yes I was. but now I've changed my mind. i still want to be short but I think SPX is poised to make a meaningful new high before going back. something around or close to 1580.

  8. Why not just add half your sell trades in now,
    and then add then 2nd half at better price if market does rise?

    That way you trap the market as you either get a better average entry price,
    you go straight into profit.
  9. yep - I think that's exactly what I'm going to do. let's hope it works out. thanks :cool:
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