is it time to BUY some grains?

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    price actions plus volumes seem to indicate some change happening.
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    My thinking on this. Get long Wheat and hedge your risk by going short Cocoa. I'm already in this trade.
  3. Wheat and Soybeans triggered long on Wednesday.
  4. I think there is still some downside left...but it's very limited...
    Am long new crop C and W, and short old crop calls...1:2, and 1:3, respectively...
  5. All I see is lower lows and lower highs for the past 3 months. It could go to 3.00, whats the hurry?
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  6. ?....??......!.....or just buy a few bags of Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies instead. The profit/pleasure is immediate. :cool:
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    The only reason that I would still be in the trade at 3.00 would be if my Cocoa short had balanced out my loss. It's all one big casino. Manage your risk.
  8. Longer term there may be a positive divergence in wheat futures price charts.

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  9. New Crop corn (Dec) broke support friday. It will go down to around 3.05. History will repeat itself this year.
  10. you do know that Soybeans is heading for a break south through 9.3000 and below...I am looking for a good short entry tomorrow
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