Is it those imbecile hedge funds selling again?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by stock777, Oct 22, 2008.

  1. Fast Money suggesting that.

    I knew and said many times they were a pack of thieves and idiots, but apparently they were even dumber than I thought.

    Compulsive gamblers in drag.
  2. Theres a great reuters story about Ken Griffin calling for another stimulus package. wonder why he wants that
  3. No was those stupid investors with all their damn dare they stop the bleeding during a planned financial grid takedown!!! :eek:

  4. 377OHMS


    He paid 65 million for that last painting, a Cézanne I believe. I wonder what it is worth today? :D
  5. ahh its called redemptions--- blame the clients....

  6. Some of these HF guys have almost certainly have had there networths cuts in half.
  7. can you provide a link? thanks!
  8. They are idiots. What would you expect?
  9. Cutten


    Anyone know if people are redeeming from funds that are *up* on the year?
  10. I seriously doubt that. Furthermore, anyone redeeming at this point in the game will be left kicking themselves for a long time. Not sure if you agree, but that's what I'm guessing.
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