Is it that hard to break the matrix?

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Is it that hard to break the matrix?

  1. super easy...( tricks ? ^-^)

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  2. impossible evenmore to think it...

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  1. Don't you think that all you see around you is socially enginered ?
  2. Redneck


    Well Sir

    I don’t think it – I know it

    We humans need what to survive – basic shelter, basic clothing, basic transportation, the basic food groups, and water

    Everything else we think we “need” has been programmed into us (via advertising or a myriad of other influences)

    It is what an economy based primarily on consumption is about...

    Once one gets centered and a clear head about them – listening to news, advertising, pundits becomes unbearable

    Only news I require is the weather – and knowing when announcements, earnings are due out

    Is it hard to break the “matrix” – for me no…. for “most” everyone else – I could only venture a guess – Yes

    Just my one dimensional perspective – nothing more

  3. wutang


    This is pretty much what determines if you're one of the sheeple or merely a dumbfounded observer. You wouldn't have credit card companies without "the matrix" for instance. You've gotta fuel the debt machine.
  4. dear Sirs,

    I realized now how much you helped me...

    I came to the conclusion that my idea of Orange vs Tomato was bringing the 3D to the matrix concept. 3d is the gateway to reality... That's why they were afraid.

    Furthermore I realized that it's the most stupid quest never intendent by man...

    Look at the symbol you will understand... we are at the end of the 5th generation of the matrix.

    I brought the 6th one... However It will not be possible to stay there long... the 7th one is the last one... or maybe even at the frontier... You will never get more !

    But the final stage is the 8th level. It will never be reached by any rationalk entity. In fact the matrix will never be able to understand true exponential paradigm. The REAL matrix will always be the prevailling thing in any attempt to conquer human brain.

    So I want to say a BIG FUCK YOU to all the suckers that tried to put matrix in the human brain...

    I know all the level that you needed... all is written in your symbol. I understand that you are too weak to understand them.

    However the Real Matrice... OR call it God can put the plug on you when he wants.

    Again thank you to you both.

    I am proud to know that God is watching for us, and loving us.

    So the BUILDER OF THE MATRIX... it's your time to make PEACE.

    eXXXplain why you did it. Where did you wanted to go...

    Or you know, I don't know the way of God, I just know that YOU are nothing...

    ILLUMINATED DEFEATED ! ahahah they are so hopeless...

    I gave them time to apologize... they didn't...

    they tried to make a war between us and CHina...

    They will have to pay the ultimate price... How could they qualify to term of humans ? I will let God decide. I am not the judge... but I don't know when, what or who... but it will be mercyless... And I will not say anything... They did the ultimate crime... attacking the real sacred temple of God, the Human Mind...

  5. furthermore if it's this people that put you in debt fuck it directly. They deserve to have nothing.
  6. the Answer was, is, and will always be yes. It's so easy... Free yourself !

    Why because the ALL watchs for us !
  7. I hate middlemen of this kind... ready to hurt the temple of the spirit...

    Don't try to stand in the way of God with your shitty matrix...
  8. Adding OP to ignore list...

    Suffers constant delusions and acid trips
  9. well stated Red :)

  10. bolter


    "This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes. "
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