Is it really this easy?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by whitezenki, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. I see such as stonedinvestor giving tips daily that almost always go up 1 or 2 percent. I am a college student with about 5k saved up and no income, but it seems to me with a little bit of advice from here i could start to get a small income, even if its around 100 dollars a week...

    is it really that easy, our would it be a bad idea for me to try?
  2. its never that easy
  3. You have to try sooner or later...

    That being said, a lot of people WANT trading to be VERY difficult and filled with indicators, lots of charts, etc.

    KISS is a great principle in trading.
  4. uglyboy


    Absolutely it's that easy! Go for it! Take out a loan and trade that too!
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    That's what a simulator is for. So you can answer your own question.
  6. You might begin by deciding how much money you are willing to lose.