Is it realistic to average $1.33 a day trading YM on $300 ?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by nitro, May 14, 2007.

  1. nitro


    Just wondering.

    Note well, the $1.33 a day profit has to be after commisions.

  2. Surdo


    That's almost 9% a month!
    Incredible results, did you backtest your system yet?

    el surdo

  3. well, sure, one trade per day and, if and only if, your first trade wins nicely from entry.

  4. No, at 200+X leverage, you are virtually guaranteed to blow out if you trade YM at all :D
  5. Its a trick question!

    If your intraday margin is $300 and you maintain at least a $300 account balance, absolutely doable! And if you're a good, disciplined trader, you can NET 3-digits left of a decimal, per day, on one contract.

    The trick is finding a broker that will give you $300 intraday margin, AND minimum account of $300, AND a reasonable commission.

    Osorico :D
  6. I can do $30/day on $300

    Its such a small account size that you can get huge returns with one or two right moves.
  7. Absolutely not. The fact that you're asking this question means you definitely shoudln't be attempting it. Try a more realistic number as your target - perhaps 12-25 cents - and when you eventually build your account up, netting 133 cents will eventually be a possibility. You have to start small before you'll be able to compete with the big boys on the P/L thread; if you forget that, you'll was out completely.
  8. Come on, its Nitro... he's trolling for fun. This thread is a big joke :p
  9. Yup. And the naysayer replies are pretty funny too. :)
  10. No.

    (not) nitro :p


    Better start out at $1.33 per day on $3,500 and gradually increase your leverage. Easy does it.
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