is it possible?

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  1. I would like my next hardware setup to consist of:
    -one laptop
    -2 external 22 inch screens

    have one of You managed to attach 2 external monitors to your laptop?

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  3. Also, Matrox DualHead2Go and TripleHead2Go..
  4. check the matrox product. been around longer, larger company also.

    depending on your video chip, you can run 3 externals, plus your laptop screen.

    A desktop is cheaper though, and moving around 3 screens is already a bitch.
  5. Thanks

    your feedback helped me to refine:

    could you name me a laptop brand/type that is sold
    ready to handle 2 external monitors.

    I dont need external devices like matrox.
    Just a laptop that is build according to my requirements in this respect
  6. don't know of any off hand, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. Nvidia makes cards that can run 2 very high resolution screens (2560 X 1600) for the desktops. Meaning you can rub two 30' screens from one card.

    for laptops, take a look at alienware, or maybe just look at the Nvidia website to see if they make a dual out card for laptops.
  7. Never heard of a laptop which would run 2 external monitors.

    There is also a dualhead monitor, PCMCIA card... if you have a slot for that.
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    now i'm not sure about this, but i think you could get a laptop that has a DVI port and attach a DVI to dual VGA splitter and then run two monitors off of that... it should work, but you'd have to look up the specifics
  9. I've got a Dell Latitude D820, it's capable of running 2 monitors. I think this machine's about 3 years old, although I'm not exactly sure of its age.
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