Is it possible to visit Cuba as an American citizen?

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  1. I heard people visit Cuba via Mexico but then isn't it illegal?
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    Why don't you just float down there on a makeshift raft? It's how most Cuban's came here. :)
  3. More important is when you find entry easy from Canada, Mexico, to have exchange of your USD (BEFORE) you go.
    You can see the current exchange here.
  4. I am confused

    So is it possible for a US citizen to go to Cuba?

    Or is it illegal?

    Can someone help me here?
  5. Yes its possible.

    Yes Its illegal under the "Trading with the enemy" act. I know the minimum you will get is a $7,500 fine if caught (at least thats what it was 6 or 7 years ago). You could get jail time too.

    I have heard stories of air mexico giving passenger information to US customs too, so they will know if you go. I want to say that if you travel through the bahamas, you will be ok, but Its really been a long time since I checked up on this. I seriously wouldnt try it though with just an american passport. maybe you have a parent or grandparent from europe and can get a dual citizenship from them.
  6. I live in the UK. When I went to Cuba a couple of years ago, there were no American's. There was an unusual amount of Canadians though...

  7. Not to change the subject, but did you know there is a tactical nuke and a giant nuke buried underneath two separate buildings in Miami. Left over from the cold war. Both armed and ready to go.

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