Is it possible to turn 25.000 to 2.000.000 in a day ?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by anniecalvert, Feb 3, 2018.

  1. possible ?
    if it is possible !
    than how ?:sneaky:
    and also how much possiblities are there ?
  2. Ignore list
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  3. fan27

    fan27 is definitely possible. Buy 25,000 lottery tickets. Let us know how it works out.
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  4. oky , if possible than tell how it works.
  5. madness is contagious
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  6. heispark


    Such as CHF crash years ago? Once in a life time oppotunity....
  7. Of course it's possible. Half of ET has done it already.
    Step up your game piker.
  8. Is it possible to build a spaceship to bring humans to Mars?


    Ok, how do I do it?
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  9. nickynoes


    Yes. Use the highest leverage possible and buy as much as you can, then just sit and pray you don't get wiped out before you reach those 2 mil.
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  10. ironchef


    Yes, if you were to buy puts a week ago Friday and exit this Friday.
    #10     Feb 3, 2018