Is it possible to switch IB servers ?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by x-or, Oct 1, 2002.

  1. x-or


    This morning I couldn't connect to TWS.
    I did a ping to to check the server. I had a time out reponse.
    When I did a ping to, it was ok and in the other side I could surf on the internet correctly.
    My internet connection was ok.

    As I have a cable connection, I decided to try one of my dial-up backup ISP. Then I could connect and trade.
    I must say that i didn't like to trade in those conditions !
    Orders executions were ok but order reports and quotes refreshing were not so fast. Hopefully I did well.

    Finally, it seems that the problem came from my cable ISP (routing issues ?)

    If this happens again, i'd like to know if it is possible to use instead of ? So that, i could still use my cable connection (with wich i can ping the .com server).

    I tried to change it in the jts.ini file but it automatically comes back to .ch

    Did anybody try to do that before ? Is this possible ?


    P.S : Thanks to the chat help IB guy. We lost contact when I switched ISP.
  2. def

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    You can not change your server from your end. The technical folks would have to do that (not sure if possible during a trading day).
  3. x-or


    That is what I call a quick answer !
    Do you know if it would be a permanent change ?

    Anyway I don't like this because nothing tells me that one day I won't have the same problem with the .com server ... :D
  4. def

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    had no idea it was a quick response. just got home and an e-mail was waiting.....

    re: the server. yes you can request a change (the primary server is usually dependent on which currency you fund in) although it shouldn't make much if any difference in speed. Each of IB's server hubs have redundant service providers. Thus if the internet connections go down, it will fall over to the other provider.

    if you aren't comfortable trading with dialup as your backup to your DSL, consider subscribing to a second DSL provider after checking to see if they have a different internet backbone.

    if this really bothers you, PM me and I can offer another suggestion.
  5. Ninja


    During installation of the TWS standalone software there is a choice of three IB servers the user wishes to connect to. I always choose the one in Switzerland, because I trade from Europe. So assume I have three installations of TWS on different partitions/ machines with a different selected IB server in any setup wouldn't that be a backup solution from the users end?

  6. x-or


    Here is the answer I got from IB :
    That confirms my thought.

    At this time, it seems that the pb is solved. I can connect through my regular ISP.

    Thanks Def, I'm going to look for another cable/dsl ISP as a backup and let you know what's going on.
  7. dbphoenix


    I can't. And no one is available in live chat to deal with the problem.

  8. I'm attempting to set up the same. Def, can you confirm, is there any technical reason not to set up TWS on a secondary machine connecting to Switzerland as a backup if my normal connection that I use every day is to New York?

  9. def

    def Sponsor

    no there isn't but you can't set up servers from the install. if you want an account on a different server, you'll have to make the request via the help desk.