is it possible to scalp the NQ??

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  1. does anyone do it?...what is your srategy? any cars thrown per trade?..can you scalp the NQ??
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    yes to all the questions above, Anekdoten made plenty on NQ so that he can afford to take off for months long vacation, hang on until he comes back he may has better answers for all your questions.
  3. Its 100% impossible, I suggest you trade baseball cards instead.

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    I have this moron on ignore, try it, it's satisfying!
  5. Lol I got to say... he's the only person on this entire forum on my ignore list as well.
  6. They say the best deeds are those that are hardest to do :D

    ...but someone has to do it.

    Here is a pattern failure on the NQ today.

  7. Or POGS :D

  8. You asked the same question a few days ago on a different thread in a different way. This was my response, not that repeating it will do much good but what the heck:

    Well said. If you ask a profitable trader how he does it he will give you answers like, "go with the flow, trade what happens, it ain't about being right, manage risk, lick your wounds and move on.....and so on....." The reason is because trading can't be quantified into something as archaic as buy when the MACD 9 crosses the 26. There isn't a formula because trading is an art but it's only an art that you can develop after 1000's of screen hours.

    When I was learning to trade I'd spend 16 hours a day reading charts on the weekends. I'm come upstairs and my wife would hand me the visine. I studied charts til my eye bled and then I went back for more. Then I blew up a bunch of accounts and came back for more yet. Finally, FINALLY, it began to sink it. I was humbled beyond belief. The market took me to my knees many, many times but I just payed attention, and licked my wounds.

    I kid you not really felt like I woke up one day and I just knew how to trade. It felt like it all happened in one day -- with a snap of the fingers. Bam! I was a trader. It didn't happen that way. My eyes had to bleed first and my knees had to get red raw. That's how it happened. It was just the end result of all those YEARS I spent knocking my head against the wall. Now I've made it. You can too but you won't get the answer here on ET because no matter how hard someone tries they can't give you the answer. Some days the market is 1+2=5. Other days it's 1+2=12. You'll only learn to recognize the difference when your eyes start bleeding.

    So, can it be done? The answer is yes, it most certainly can:


    This is the path:


    So now the obvious many charts have you run since the last time you asked and have you ordered the books?

  9. he asks the same question(s) everyday, but somehow is too thickheaded to learn anything. I think increasenow may be mentally handicapped.

  10. He needs to change his handle to "increaselater" and study his a$$ off. People just don't seem to want to put in the work. They want to reap the rewards now.

    My education in the market is equal to what a doctor has to go through to complete medical school. High paying jobs have to be earned with/through major sacrifices.

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