Is it possible to program a feeling?

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    This is how I feel when I enter a trade: (from Candide by Voltaire) "... On her way back to the Castle she met Candide and blushed; Candide also blushed. She bade him good-morning in a hesitating voice; Candide replied without knowing what he was saying. Next day, when they left the table after dinner, Cunegonde and Candide found themselves behind a screen; Cunegonde dropped her handkerchief, Candide pick it up; she innocently held his hand; the young man innocently kissed the young lady's hand with remarkable vivacity, tenderness and grace, their lips met, their eyes sparkled, their knees trembled, their hands wandered ......" When you trade in this way, STOP's are ultimate betryals, Risk/Reward calculation is downright vulgar, and Money Management is utterly irrelevant. Until we have quantum computers, which would be based on the strange principles of quantum mechanics, in which the smallest particles of light and matter can be in different places at the same time, discretionary trading is still far superior.
  2. I second that!!!!
  3. Certainement! If you analyze the price and volume time behaviors underpinning those feelings. I find that they yield quite well to quantification and algorithmization. It also helps to think of those patterns as fetishes, because we all know what gets us off reliably.
  4. Evidence that discretionary trading is superior? Post it.
  5. I think you can. They program smellivision. They can make you smell smells out of your computer monitor. If you see fresh baked bread on your computer monitor, then fresh baked bread smell will come out of your computer speakers. So they should be able to program feelings also.
  6. actually, its being worked on. my friend flavia cymbalista has done extensive work in this regard--- quantifying and systemitizing feelings for decision making. its a very real concept.

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    feeling comes from information

    you see, you analyze, and only later you feel

    computers won't feel, BUT they will be able to analyze better and react the same way

    feelings are not necessary in trading

    for humans or machines

    PS: I am ET veteran, who was last kicked out because of a poem I posted, just wrong eh
  8. ========================
    Been posted quite a bit;
    Futures mag. most months

    Chuck LeBeau[spelling???]
    website, also.
    Thats for experienced traders, probably the ''best'' blow ups are unexperienced/discretionary/feeling also:p

    Of course you could program a feeling;
    thats what you brain/eyes/ears/experience is doing to give you a feeling.Also notice my feelings try to get me out of an ES trend too early, so i look more during certain feelings.:cool: