Is it possible to profit trading equities by starting with just $1,500 in capital?

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  1. I was wondering whether it would be possible to begin trading equities if I only had $1,500? This would be geared more for learning purposes and I am willing to lose it all.

    - I would trade volatile stocks from NASDAQ and S&P 500.
    - I am willing to trade IPOs.
    - I would obviously only be allowed to be on the buy side.
    - Commissions would amount to a total of $10 to buy and sell ($5 each).
    -I am willing to trade the $1,500 on each trade (with a stop lose of course

    Is a goal of making $50 per day realistic after commissions? Futhermore, is it possible to make small gains and slowly build up capital or are the initial funds too limited to make any significant growth?
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    If you are new to trading you are better off paper trading for a bit. Practice trading and save up some more money.

    $50 in unrealistic. You would have to make 4% a day to get that much after comish.

    The comish is going to make it hard for you to win short-term trading because it is a large percentage of you capital and skew your risk-reward ratio.

    For example a trade with a profit target of $20 and a stop loss of $10 will become a trade with a max profit of $10 and a max loss of $20.

    With smaller capital focus on bigger moves.
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  4. just paper trade. don't do it flippantly. attack it as if you were risking money on these trades and try to understand the actual reasons why things are occurring.
  5. This thread is a joke. You must pay to play.
  6. You would only be able to make 2 or possibly 3 trades per week.
  7. 1500...don't be a piker get some real money together like 5000 plus, trade futures (no PDT rule) and profit.

    plus lurk more and use the search button. You will find yourself asking less questions and learning more.
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    Even dont start trading if you are planning to lose it.
    Actually, I guess you think, somewhere deep in your mind, that you will be kind of lucky guy and make money.
    But dont be fool, it happens only in movies.
    P.S. I wish I am wrong
  9. In my experience, you would be facing an uphill battle doing that. You need to have money to swing around like an elephant's tree trunk to catch market moves. Plus, commissions will kill you on trading small size with the $5-10 brokers. BTDT. LMK if you need any more info.

    You can long-term invest with $1500 in capital and possibly get $50 a day if you pick the right stock.
    Then I'd like to know that stock so that I could put $25,000 into it :p
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