Is it possible to make consistent profits from trading

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    Is there somone who trades here for a long time and is willing to disclose whether it is really profitable? Probably share the positions you took and why you took it?

    Do you use only technical indicators to trade or do you use something else? What are the good blog posts of traders online which you can follow to understand ?
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    What's in it for them to reveal their hand? Trading is a business. You don't go to Coca-Cola and just ask for their recipe.
  3. Now you've gone and destroyed the little guy's dream of having someone show him how to make a million bucks by this Christmas.
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  4. Do it the easy way. Just go to the White House and ask Trump to sit down with you for a few months and teach you how to make big bucks in real estate!
  5. Of course it's possible to be really profitable consistently. But the feasibility for the average man, or trader, to accomplish well another story.
    There are varying degrees of "really profitable" depending on who you are, or who you ask.

    I could tell you my position and why I took it...but I hardly doubt you would be even able to replicate it. Trading is very complex. It's not just following a cooking formula or recipe...each trade is truly unique like DNA in all of its collective potentially triggering variables.

    Trading is all about your ability to predict the future, and/or manage it. Managing is equally just as important, because obviously you will be wrong at times. Being stubborn can be a real killer, it pays to have a flexible open mind.
    Trading is a battlefield. Think about that. Structure the war in your favor any way you can.
    Think about each trade like a sporting event; have an end open and close day, or week or month or months, or profit/loss goal...and the supporting loose logic and rationale behind it, expectations unfolding...waiting patiently and calmly,

    As d08 mentioned above, however, I personally wouldn't write a book or forum post technically describing my thorough methodology, or mindset process flow.
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    It is possible to be profitable from a very early stage. I would advise multi-day trend-following for a new trader. Don't jump straight in to any form of day-trading with a live account. I have posted my trend-following set-up, can't remember if it was this forum or another but I use some of the characteristics from Rayner Teo's trend-following trading - see him on Youtube.
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    How would a trader revealing their strategy damage their personal returns? I've never understood this argument.
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  8. That's not the main reason. The successful trader has reached that level as a result of years of study, hard work and research. He is proud of his success and when a leech comes along and asks the trader to give him his hard earned knowledge so that the leech can make some fast easy bucks overnight without any effort on his part, it downright pisses off the successful trader.
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    If the successful trader wishes to keep his strategy secret, then he obviously won't be teaching it to anyone else. And if he doesn't disclose at least some parts of it, he won't be getting the benefit of other successful traders' criticisms and suggestions that might improve his performance.

    So, if not to teach and not to learn, why does this trader come onto the forum?
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    I did.

    They would not give it to me.
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