is it possible to make $ by trading w/ a guru

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  2. Yes it is. You give the guru money, and he profits.
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    Certainly no. If the stocks he gives were profitable then he won't be guru, he will trade for himself and shut up. Don't you think taking money from you is easier than from the market in this context? I think taking money from you is harder than from the market. So if the stocks he gave were profitable than he will trade those stocks because it's the easier way to take money from those stocks than from your subscription.
  4. Gurus are normally charismatic people with a enormous ego, that needs and wants attention from newbies. They reach a quasi orgasm when people tell them stuff like ''my life is better since i met you'' and ''Wow you are so good''. Its like a cult.

    Woodie from Woodie's CCI is a very good exemple.

    Stay away from gurus. Gurus wont tell you everything just because if they do you don't need them anymore.
  5. Almost anything is possible. Is it likely? No. Normally whatever service or information they are selling is worth no more than the price you are paying, and often times not even that. As long as you are aware of that and are realistic about what you are getting into then go ahead. If you are lucky, you won't lose too much money and it will be a valuable learning experience. My question is why not just learn on your own instead of wasting a step?
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    Possible? Anything is possible.

    Probable? Not bloody likely.
  7. I have a friend who has signed up for a guru package and has had some success, but has only done it for 2 mo.
  8. According to all of them.


    But realistically, you probably have the same ratio of good trading gurus as you do good traders.

    < 10%
  9. Even if the guru reveals his secrets, don't expect a recipe that anyone can follow.

    Many parts of his strategy would be discretionary, and if you don't have his mind-set, you'll fail.
  10. It's very very rare for the better traders to reveal anything. It's the guys who keep shouting to the heavens that you have to be leery of.
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