Is it possible to make a living from trading?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Peter brandley, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. Some years and what if you do not find success after some years? So it is better to continue trading as part time along with your real job so you do not risk too much
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  2. dealmaker


    When you get a law degree then pass the bar and put up your shingle there is no guarantee of success, as a matter of fact most law school graduates these days are working as para legals or at low paying office jobs...
    Trading is about risk, reward i.e. if you can't hack the risk you won't enjoy the rewards. If success was guaranteed before you started everyone would be millionaires/billionaires.

    NY Times says success in trading is less than 1%.
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  3. duwie


    I think that, it's very possible...
    But, you should be careful to make any each trade because it very danger for our fund...
    With huge balance, i'm sure it can be used to for living..
    I've been trade in lite forex and make dozens of dollars each days...
    It's the best job i think....
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  4. So you are making dozen of dollars and that is great. Are you sure that you are making profit or just making a blind post.
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  5. sheda


    Its a valid and recurring question around here. To me its similar to asking is there is intelligent life anywhere in the universe other than earth...the chances are yes but the current evidence is lacking. In the same way a new trader can see there is a lot of profit for the taking he just does not know anyone who has done it consistently.

    So he asks and the vendors say yes! Give me 5 dollar I show you! And the losers and the flirters say no! Or 50 years! And those who can trade for reasons already mentioned say yes and no more.

    I dont know if it was easier to trade in the 80s but one thing is certain, if a person can not get by from home with the infomation and ease of access we have today they would not have stood a chance in the 80s. By taking it seriously, in a business sense you will get further than you ever could by messing around with it.
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  6. 1. Define your terms e.g. what do you mean by making a living
    2. Figure out the logical / common sense requirements to entail what you want
    3. Have a plan
    4. Execute your plan
    5. Patience and Discipline - lots of them
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  7. I am having some trouble in forex now because I am not able to manage it with my real job so as a part time not possible to make a good money.
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