Is it possible to make a living from trading?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Peter brandley, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. I have been investing in trading stocks for last few months and reward quite fairly.......... I'm wondering if it's possible to make a living from trading.

    Any advice appreciated.:)
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    the legend has it - it is :)
  3. it is also possible to make a living playing basketball, baseball, hockey and football. as well as a few other sports.

    it's possible to land on the moon and make tons of money as well

    it's possible to win the lottery

    of course it is possible

    but if you have $500 and wish to make $10,000 per day after a month of it possible...yes!!! simply be right a ton in oil, triple your account daily, and have basically zero losers while getting 500 per contract leverage...

    yes, it's possible
  4. its funny you state it that way. :p

    finding a trader that makes good money every year is a lot like finding sasquatch. you hear a lot of rumors and reports but nobody has ever seen one. :D

  5. Can you make money in falling market?

  6. "Is it possible to make a living from trading?"

    Every transaction is a trade. Any baker, grocer, gas station owner, cabinet maker, electrician, car salesman, you name it most likely trades something of value for federal reserve notes and makes a living from it. Most trade their time and "skills" working for some employer in exchange for cash, that is their daily trading.

    Can you make a living from trading gold, oil, copper wheat, corn, stocks, currencies ect?.... Sure........ but like anything else you need to work hard and make it your specialization to be good enough to survive and thrive.

    Most that make a living from some type of market knows that market inside and out.

    Just like a realtor or builder needs to know housing market and their local area like the back of their hand, you need to find your niche in whatever market you want to thrive in ... otherwise you won't make the cut just like any other business .

    In business you buy wholesale prices, and sell retail prices . buy low, sell high
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    Sure, brokers market makers insiders and specialists do it all the time.
  8. lol! I love it!:)
  9. Yes you can make a living from forex. When you do full time trading you will avail every good move of market you can get some regular profits. I fulfill my all study needs from forex trading profit . Now I am earning more than a regular salary.
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    Yes, certainly its possible to lead a comfortable life by trading in the forex market alone by having a suitable trading system which produces consistent profits.
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